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We have been thinking about the importance of training throughout life , the pros and cons of launching that course that will re-launch the stardom or the long-term profitability of an investment that, to a priori, it may seem priceless.

But why is it so difficult to decide to pay for a course that we know will come back in a while?


We have long asked people the reasons why we are having a problem deciding to study for money. Removing obvious reasons such as that I may not have the total amount, we find answers such as:

– I am not entirely sure what course / master I want to do

– I’d rather save that money to study later

– I’d rather spend my money on a car or a reform, which I need most

– I don’t want to ask for a loan for something so long term

– I prefer a vacation before getting so tired

The decision is already made …


They say that when you meditate between doing or not doing something, the decision is made from the first moment. The only thing you do is think between the good and the bad of one decision or another, but you’ve already made a decision. It can take weeks, months and even years to carry it out but, once it has reached your head, it has been implanted in it regardless of the arguments against it.

So, these six answers (don’t forget the obvious reason) that we have heard have a quick solution:

Ask for a loan to study . There are entities that grant it to you with conditions that almost not even your father would match. Search and you will find, but really search.

Consult blogs, read information related to those courses among which you doubt, ask industry experts how they see it and where the business is headed, and visualize yourself in a few years doing one thing or the other. What motivates you the most will be the answer to your doubts.

It is true that it is never too late if the bliss is good but, if you are going to end up studying it … why not now? The sooner the better and, in addition, we return to point 1. You will end up finding another excuse when you have all the money saved (and the price will have gone up).

Well, yes, anyone prefers to buy a new car or brand new house, but what will it give you more in the long term? We tend to prefer to spend money on tangible things. If we can see and touch it, the better. It seems that satisfaction is immediate. And how long does it last? Think about the feeling of finishing a master, meeting a challenge.

Private loans can be repaid in the installments you decide


Private loans can be repaid in the installments you decide. In the end, time flies by and, if you organize yourself well, it doesn’t have to be a monthly pain. You are going to finance your future .

Anyone prefers to go on vacation to a heavenly place and rest to recharge batteries but we return to point 3. If you leave, it will take you longer to start and, in addition, it will be more expense (travel and training).

So do not put more buts to the decision that you have already made and do not waste more time in convincing yourself. If you need it, finance your future and think that training is the most profitable investment.

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