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The Warhammer is a powerful two-handed weapon in New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMO. This heavy weapon is a valuable asset for tanky players, as well as well-balanced for PVP and PVE content.

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This guide covers the best attribute points to use for the Warhammer, the weapon to pair it with for a successful build, and the masteries that seem strongest.

Updated September 24, 2021 by Harry Alston: The Warhammer was used a lot during the Open Beta, although the hitboxes were a bit broken. We’re updating this War Hammer Building Guide to go over some of the changes, tweaks, and tips we learned while playing the War Hammer over the weekend. New World releases September 28.

Best Warhammer Build – The Tank

New World War Hammer

We’ve covered tank building in depth here, but there’s no doubt that the Warhammer favors more tanky force building. Here are the best masteries for different styles of play.

Tank skills PVP Masters
Clear out Armor breaker
Shock wave Mighty hammer
Path of fate Shock wave

In terms of armor, you can go for a balanced heavy / medium armor composition. For PVP duels, having this extra mobility is beneficial, although for late game PVE battles and large PVP battles, you may want to rely heavily on heavy armor to keep yourself alive in heavy armor. delicate situations.

PvE tank construction and upgrade

New World Crowd Crusher Warhammer

The War Hammer excels in PvE thanks to its powerful AoE attacks. The Tree Crowd Crusher and Juggernaut both provide a lot of damage in terms of scale, and you’ll do a quick job on large groups of enemies, even if the weapon attacks slowly. It’s a great choice for expeditions and for solo leveling.

Best Masteries for the Warhammer in PvE

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing masteries for the Warhammer. This suggested build primarily uses the Crowd Crusher tree, but the Juggernaut tree – specifically the Armor Breaker and its subsequent debuff passives – has its own strengths.

  • Active skillsClear out, Shock wave, and Path of fate.
  • Clear out – This is the first active skill you learn and it is an essential skill. When used, you swing the Warhammer in front of you, knocking enemies back four yards and dealing 115% weapon damage. It’s great for making room and getting out of a swarm of enemies.
  • Shock wave – Shockwave is another essential skill for a War Hammer tank build, especially because it is compatible with taunt gems to pull enemies towards you and away from your allies. It stuns enemies and with the second passive, Fragility, it will also inflict a Weakness debuff.
  • Path of fate – Just a brilliant PvE ability. There is no limit to the number of enemies it can hit, and with the final mastery passive, Boost Reduction, you can get a serious reload bonus if you hit multiple enemies.

Although this suggested construction is dominated by the Crowd crusher tree, you can also experience the Juggernaut side.

Other recommended abilities for the Warhammer include:

  • Mighty hammer, this ability scales massively with its damage passives and is a key part of the Juggernaut tree. We saw a lot of players with this ability during the open beta.
  • Armor breaker, debuffs galore. Ideal if you are playing a support tank role.

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Balanced war hammer construction for PVP tanking

New world pvp construction war hammer

The Warhammer is not an easy weapon to use in PVP. Used correctly you have a lot of CC and potential damage, but the weapon’s slowness and lack of abilities that can close the gap between you and the enemy make it difficult to use, especially for single target PVP. . Here is a suggested build to make it a bit easier.

  • Active skills – Armor Breaker, Wrecking Ball, Clear Out.

  • Armor breaker – The Armor Breaker skill is great for slicing through defensive enemies and is the method the tank uses to take down another tank. He penetrates armor and the second perk, Indomitable, adds Grit to the attack, meaning he’s unstoppable by block.
  • wrecking ball – This CC is better for PVP than PvE, as it “flattens” the enemy in place for a short time. If you manage to pull off a Wrecking Ball, the opponent will be held in place, meaning you can hopefully perform some really heavy attacks or an Armor Breaker.
  • Clear out – Just like in PVE, Clear Out is a valuable ability for PVP. The knockback CC can immobilize your enemy.

You have the option to take a more supportive role in large scale PVP battles. Armor Breaker is the key ability for this kind of role. Both the Great Ax and the Warhammer were used consistently during Open Beta and are perfectly fine for PVP build, as long as you can close the gap with your enemy.

Best Weapons to Pair with the Warhammer

New World War Hammer and Bow

There are a few options for good weapons to pair with the Warhammer, although we focused on some that really stand out: the Sword and the Big Ax, although we also had some fun with a bow / hammer construction of war which we will include as well.

To note: Warhammer only scales with strength, so you want to pair the weapon with another weapon that also benefits from strength scaling. This is why the Great Ax and War Hammer combination was so popular during the soundtrack.

War hammer and sword and shield

This is the build we discussed in our tank building guide, and it makes sense to combine the heavy CC of the war hammer with the defensive abilities of the sword, especially under the shield defender tree.

  • Active skills for the swordShield Bash, Shield Rush, Challenge Stance.
  • The goal of tank building is to keep enemies away from your main damage givers and healers. The compatible provocation Shield strike and Rush Shield are essential for this.

  • Shield Rush also predicts that a little more mobility that the war hammer alone is seriously lacking.

War hammer and bow


This is a PVP version that some players experienced during the closed beta. It’s difficult to use, mainly because it mixes tank roles with a more elusive or duelistic type of play. You still want to scale primarily for strength. It means your arc is going to be weak, but you’re primarily using it as a mobility tool at this point.

  • Active skillsEscape from fire, penetrating fire, rain of arrows.
  • Flee the shot is the key skill when it comes to mobility, and it’s one of the best to use during a single target PVP. Being able to disengage does wonders for the Warhammer, especially since you can step back and wait for your CC cooldowns to recover.
  • Rain of arrows is useful due to its bleeding and slow when maximizing its mastery tree.
  • Penetrating shot is a great opener in PVP. If you manage to land the shot, it can do massive damage, with a buff to damage distance traveled.

After the open beta, we also want include Poison Shot as a valuable option for any arch construction. It’s an incredibly powerful ability in PVP, especially with the number of Great Ax Warriors we’ve seen charging. Drop a poison cloud in front of you and you can zone aggressive players.

If you want to experiment with your own versions, you can use New World fans, the same platform we used to show you these versions.

War hammer and great ax

This is an incredibly popular release during Open Beta, even when players figured out the Hammer’s hitbox was a bit buggy. When the issue is resolved for the full release of New World, this weapon combination will stand out for both PVP and PVE.

  • Ideal combination for PVP. The Warhammer and the Great Ax collectively provide some of the best CC one on one in the game. As long as you can close the gap with a ranged or duelist character – the ax helps you – then you will be able to reduce the opponent’s HP.
  • You have options for solo upgrade, PVP tanking during sieges, Where specializes in a build that works well in duels. The Mighty Gavel ability for the Warhammer pairs well with the CC of the Great Ax. A complete build that is super fun to use.

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