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Liz Flynt isn’t afraid of being called a pornographer.

Her late husband, Larry Flynt – founder of Hustler magazine and a larger adult-themed entertainment group – liked to proclaim himself a “smut peddler” and a “caring pornographer.” Since taking the helm of her empire after her death eight months ago, she says, she has taken on every nickname that defined her rise in the industry, and she vows to continue her rebellious legacy.

“If they want to give me that tag, I’ll wear it,” she said in an interview at the ornate Flynt Management Group headquarters in Beverly Hills.

The private group, which is estimated to be worth $ 500 million, includes strip clubs, a video distribution company, two casinos and an adult broadcast channel. Flynt said she plans to continue producing hardcore pornography, open more Hustler retail outlets – with a view to going public with the retail branch – and expanding the latest service from online business game.

Flynt took the reins at a difficult time. The way adult entertainment is produced and consumed is changing rapidly. The company’s two active card clubs are struggling to bounce back from a multi-month pandemic shutdown. Print magazines – Hustler, Taboo, and Barely Legal – will close in a few years due to declining revenues.

Hustler and other old-fashioned industry leaders are now forced to compete with websites like OnlyFans, which distribute adult content created by users who make money through subscriptions or subscriptions. tips.

Hustler does not offer user-created entertainment, Flynt said, because it is difficult to verify the age of artists and Hustler wants to provide only “high quality content.” Instead, she said she plans to grow her audience by expanding the reach of her videos and films through Hustler TV to more than 500 cable and satellite providers around the world.

“It’s all about the numbers and the income,” she said.

Larry Flynt’s ostentatious office – adorned with Tiffany lamps, Roman columns, velvet-covered furniture, and French paintings – remains empty, a sanctuary for the company’s founder. Flynt works in an adjoining office where she says she tries to channel her late husband when called upon to make tough business decisions.

“I am here to maintain its art and its heritage,” she said.

Larry Flynt was 78 when he died of heart failure. He had suffered from health problems since the day he was shot by a white supremacist as he arrived for a 1978 obscenity trial in Georgia. The bullet left him paralyzed, but that didn’t dampen his drive to build an empire around one of porn’s best-known names, Hustler – meant as a steamier version of Playboy.

He has also become a strong supporter of the 1st Amendment.

For all of his commercial success, Larry Flynt has counted as his greatest achievement a 1988 Supreme Court victory over televangelist Jerry Falwell. The court sided with Flynt that the 1st Amendment protected publishers who target public figures through satire, parody or caricature. The dispute revolved around a parody ad in Hustler in which Falwell is depicted talking about his “first time.”

Publisher Larry Flynt in his Beverly Hills office in 2017. He called himself a “coal peddler.”

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Larry Flynt ventured into the business world in 1965 by opening several strip bars in Ohio, which he called the Hustler clubs. He began publishing two-page club newsletters that became so popular that he turned them into a national magazine in 1974. By the late 1990s, Larry Flynt published 30 magazines, including many mainstream titles, such as PC Laptop Computing and Darkroom Photography.

The company now publishes 15 trade magazines throughout the year, as well as monthly publications aimed at adults, dozens of which are displayed on a desk in the 10th-floor foyer of the company’s headquarters.

Liz Flynt personally oversees a monthly article in Hustler that targets a public figure – usually a Tory politician – for criticism, depicting their faces on the back of a donkey. The magazine targeted Texas Governor Greg Abbott in October as a “ruthless right-wing fanatic.”

Flynt is one of the last women to take a leading role in what was once a male-dominated industry. For several decades, women have increasingly replaced men in the C-suites of some of the most profitable porn and adult companies.

Christie Ann Hefner, daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, was president and CEO of Playboy Enterprises from 1988 to 2009. Susan Colvin started one of the world’s largest sex toy manufacturers, California Exotic Novelties, in 1994. Shirley Lara is COO of Chaturbate, which attracts over 19 million unique visitors per month and is one of the the most popular adult websites in the country.

“One of the most interesting trends in the adult industry over the past 15 years is the growing presence of female entrepreneurs and CEOs,” said Lynn Comella, professor of gender and sexuality studies at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

The role of women in pornography and the sale of adult products, such as sex toys, grew even faster after the 2008-09 recession, when leaders in the adult industry made a concerted effort to market women in order to increase sales, Comella said. To meet the needs of women, the industry has had to hire more women in managerial positions, she said.

Liz Flynt, formerly Liz Berrios, met the man who would become her husband, and later her boss, when she started working as a nurse in 1992. They married in 1998. It was her fifth marriage. He brought her into his company, first in the talent department, and promoted her to associate editor in 2000. Larry Flynt made her the sole owner of the company in his confidence.

“I think Larry always knew what his plan was by having me here,” she said.

Flynt ignores reviews of porn that say it is harmful, especially to women. She said she shares her late husband’s view that “pornography is an art form” and sees herself as a champion of free speech and press freedom.

The business world has wondered how to deal with platforms hosting potentially illegal content. Mastercard, Visa and Discover stopped processing payments to Pornhub, the free site, last year after a New York Times opinion piece claimed the site was hosting videos of rape and child sexual abuse. This year, OnlyFans has struggled with its banking relationships because of its sexually explicit content.

Liz Flynt looks at a portrait of her late husband, publisher Hustler Larry Flynt, in his Beverly Hills office.

Liz Flynt plans to expand the Hustler Empire with wider distribution of TV content, a new online gaming platform and more outlets.

(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Flynt declined to discuss details of the company’s finances, but said her goal was to fulfill her late husband’s wishes to continue operations as usual and expand the more profitable parts of the business. , such as retail outlets.

The company is also expanding into online gaming. A new live-air poker show called “Hustler Casino Live” which allows poker fans to watch high-stakes games on has more than 27,000 subscribers.

Closing the pandemic has been particularly difficult for the two card clubs, Hustler Casino and Larry Flynt’s Lucky Casino, both in Gardena, she said. The company was forced to lay off or put on leave of nearly half of the company’s 2,000 employees because of the shutdown. Most of the employees have been rehired, she said. The casinos are operating at full capacity, but some players are still reluctant to return, Flynt said.

The budget reports of the city of Gardena provide an overview of the financial difficulties. The city said it collected $ 4.9 million in taxes and fees from Flynt’s card clubs during the fiscal year that included the shutdown. This compares to $ 8.2 million raised in the fiscal year leading up to the pandemic. Card club fees and taxes normally generate around 14% of the city’s total revenue.

Flynt said she is in the process of obtaining a license to open a third card club, which will be dubbed Larry Flynt’s Hacienda, in Cudahy.

The company oversees 37 outlets – suppliers of sex toys, lingerie, books and DVDs – with two more expected to open in the coming months. The stores continued to operate during the pandemic. Once the company opens at least 50 stores, Flynt said, it may consider going public with the retail branch.

Adult magazines are still making money but “not a huge profit” because of declining advertising and subscribers, Flynt said, which is why she predicts they won’t exist online that in a few years.

Playboy ceased print publication of its men’s magazine in 2020, and Playboy executives say they now focus primarily on licensing the Playboy brand, gaming, and selling clothing, sex toys and cosmetics and care.

Ending the print publication of Hustler and other themed adult magazines will mark a significant turning point for a business empire that was built on print more than 50 years ago, she said.

Flynt is rational about the transition. “You can’t print something that keeps losing money,” she said.

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As I pointed out earlier, what is related to Sugar Daddies is that rich guys seem to really like Chaturbate. Fri, 15 Oct 2021 23:06:01 +0000 As I pointed out earlier, what is related to Sugar Daddies is that rich guys seem to really like Chaturbate.

Most of them deliberately choose a glycemic child, so for children, you just have to become the woman they see. Probably the most common problems that we hear from women who prefer sugar and should aim for is exactly how to learn a sugar daddy. It’s not just one thing you’ll recognize if you’re not yet aware of being a sugar son or daughter. Due to the facts, a query with more than one answer, or a lot of people with sugar know-how are unfamiliar with some of these options, it’s worth getting into. If having a sugar son or daughter is not prostitution, the two main ones unquestionably coincide in the Venn diagram of sex politics. Prostitutes and Sugar Babies are bought off by men who are enthusiastic about covering up those who feel intimately available, both of which are generally harmful, says Kathleen Barry, PhD, author of The Prostitution of sex.

We’ve completed the knee good for your family and then found one of the best glucose daddy websites that hits that fragile regularity by providing fantastic and protected options on both sides. Becoming a sugar baby takes a fair amount of stamina and determination to go through negative times before you find people you should be in a relationship with. Straight away, I had no problem wooing the dads of the sugary foods that had already been harnessed. All things considered, they had started people calling me and in case just happy to have the stress of texting me personally and agreeing on a connection, they would be eager to do it for someone. ‘another. Having an extra-marital sugar baby requires a certain phase of wisdom.

The way to experience a Sugar Daddy arrangement

The fairness service’s situation with Greenberg reportedly encouraged detectives to investigate Gaetz as well. Reported by Politico, it was actually Greenberg who was looking for an attempted deal for the little girls. If Greenberg decides to work with law enforcement, he could testify as to whether Gaetz really expected to socialize into legal engagements using these girls or if he just paid them all for sex. Normal deal-seeking clients are unlikely to have a friend on a national indictment who is aware of how they were essentially using the placement. Prosecutors registered additional charges against Greenberg over cable fraud and money laundering last Wednesday, and he arranged to handle the sample in the summer, although it is postponed. Although this is a frequent vacation spot for children, and some babies themselves think about sex, now you can use the locality. Any account that expressly describes exchanging funds for sex may be suspended or deleted, depending on the location.

You can take advantage of a wide variety of 100% free filters on Over Vacations. You have the possibility to indicate the people or even the place of the trip. You can even select the types of people available in your search effects. You need to identify the position, the route and who pays for the trip when approaching a trip. Also, it provides comments and tags to make it really more visible. It is, nonetheless, a good choice for guys who are looking for interest from overseas girls.

Ayoola Ajayi admits that he or she calculated that he would kill Utah academic Mackenzie Lueck before he or she even reached the

Their LinkedIn website recognized you as an expert in technical support for Dell. Ayoola Adisa Ajayi, charged with the summer school murder of Utah graduate Mackenzie Lueck, gives with his attorneys ME Larson after showing up in the Third District courtroom in another case where he could be accused of kidnapping and intimate assault against a woman in 2018, in the sodium lake region the week of December 20, 2019. The man spoke of forced sexual abuse, a second-degree crime, admitting to having assaulted a woman woman at a meeting in March 2018 at his home. Investigators Houston TX Sugar Babies spoke of the girl saw Luecks’ security die and has here to document this model assault.

You can start the lifestyle if you like a mentor or a relationship, if that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Find out whether this app can be seen as a love process, for example, buying close attention, erectile or elsewhere.

A child has received glucose to offer, and the father of candy provides products to be obtained, they said. About six months, she said she couldn’t be forced to pay for gasoline as the Father of Sugar would replenish this model aquarium whenever she wanted. When looking for an internship, an academic or a benefactor can create a profile, post photos and choose the type of agreement they like.

Best Sugar Father Websites and Software: Free Sites to Locate a Glucose Father or Youth

facebook dating?

Chelsea reveals using the phrase mutually effective courting. Find out more if they have seen it, or if they have an interest or knowledge in using it. Possibly open to the experience / interest and find out where the action takes place. But we got some unclear opinions on how the kosher disclosure of your SADO MASO financial, sexual or mental desire belongs to the post. An agent did walk in, I would personally say a lot of area teenagers don’t really read and know what it is very well, and that’s a borderline offensive understatement of visiting girls.

  • Let young men know what particular connection you are looking for.
  • During this time, the man mentally assaulted her and withheld the allowance he had assured her to offer.
  • I ask her if she realizes that she will ultimately not be 20, and that the long-term shell wants to buy something without having to demand it.
  • Right now, it’s pretty straightforward to become a Candy Son or Girl, whether you’re probably male or female.
  • Although he is not a standing millionaire, a positive level of wealth is needed to get pretty girls all over the business.
  • As mentioned in Politico, it was really Greenberg going through The Girl’s Deal Essay.

Maya is much more confrontational, stinging Danielle in front of the others and cutting off the girl’s act with strong concerns. The company’s break-ins are actually very similar to the lows of Danielle and Maxs, an unsettling curling roller coaster event that’s about to crumble before its stretch. Journalist and manager Seligman contains these interpersonal tensions and gradually simmers them to cook them up, upping each situation by the right amount until the movies increase and become the best punchline. There are no longer or few friends that she can count on with the shiva, and each new area brings with it a unique set of inconveniences. In fact, before entering our house, Danielle is well protected from other reasoning, but that’s all she seems to see in the whispers and sideways glances.

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Nickmercs signs exclusive agreement with Twitch Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:44:00 +0000

Popular streamer Nickmercs has signed an exclusive deal with Twitch.


Streamer Nickmercs has revealed he won’t be leaving Twitch, signing a new deal that will keep him streaming exclusively on the platform.

Streamer shuffle seems to have started over with a few big names who signed exclusive deals last month. Nickmercs made three, but the hugely popular Twitch personality’s new deal is a little different. He revealed he’s not going anywhere, signing a long-term deal that will keep him tied to Twitch for the foreseeable future.

Neither the exact length nor the value of the deal has been revealed. However, it’s probably safe to assume that Amazon-owned Twitch gave Nickmercs a lot of money to convince him to stay. The streamer has 28,000 subscribers on the platform, making him one of the most watched people on Twitch.

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There’s also the not-so-small issue of other big streamers signing exclusivity deals elsewhere. Dr Lupo and Tim The Tatman both signed deals with YouTube Gaming within days of each other last month. Both huge wins for YouTube and big losses for Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform will have wanted to prove that it still had the power to keep the big names out and did so by locking down Nickmercs.

Streamers have refrained from switching platforms so recently following a pretty big reshuffle a few years ago. Ninja took the first steps by quitting Twitch and earning a lot of money to stream exclusively on Mixer. Microsoft has since ditched Mixer since then is one of the reasons the waters have been relatively calm for a while. Now it looks like YouTube has plans to disrupt those waters again.

Nickmercs signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch almost two years ago to the day, implying it was a two-year contract that needed to be renewed. It could also mean that this new deal has a two-year term as well, meaning it can’t access YouTube until at least 2023. Good news for Twitch, and since it’s been so loyal to the platform. -form so far, it seems likely it will stay beyond that too.

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Featured New World Trophy
New world: what are trophies?

Need a damage boost or more luck collecting materials? You will want to make some trophies for your house.

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International Tickets Reimburse, Upgrade Your Favorite Streamers’ Content, and Chaturbate Goes Into The Game Mon, 04 Oct 2021 16:09:00 +0000

It’s Monday, you know what that means, a roundup of the biggest streaming news of the week. This week, The International 2021 had to refund all audience tickets due to Covid restrictions, while Twitch allowed you to support your favorite streamers. And Chaturbate is getting into the game?

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No live audience for the International 2021

The International 2021 has announced that it will no longer host a live audience. This is due to the growing number of Covid-19 cases in Romania and new local restrictions in Bucharest. Valve said all tickets purchased will be automatically refunded. “We wanted nothing more than to welcome fans live to the event, but we can no longer do so in a way that allows us to put the health and well-being of members of the public first. and participants. Those who purchased tickets will automatically receive a full refund, ”the ad reads. The tournament will go ahead as planned, without the live audience.

You can increase the reach of your favorite streamer

Twitch is currently experimenting with a feature that will allow you to support your favorite streamers. The Boost feature allows viewers to pay a certain amount for a streamer in order to gain additional engagement. “Communities want us to make Boost more available, and second, communities want us to make it more impactful,” said Jacob Rosok, Product Manager. The upside is that viewers will be able to help unrecognized streamers gain visibility, however, this could also lead to an increase in the number of brand-sponsored streams. The feature is still in closed beta, so there could be other changes.


Cry streaming for charity

The Spooktacular Streamathon is a streaming event for a charity that aims to raise funds for play setups in children’s hospitals. Over 550 streamers have registered for the event which will run throughout October and culminate in Halloween itself. Big names like Bugha, ProfessorBroman and Athena will be part of the marathon organized by Gamers Outreach; he raised a total of $ 337,000 last year. “Each year, millions of children and their families receive medical care inside hospitals. For many, the process can be frightening and isolating,” the press release from the event reads. “During hospitalization, children lose access to their friends, school, and the times that typically define childhood. Gamers Outreach believes the world is a better place when kids can play and gamers have the power to help. ”


Yu Gi Oh ! Master Duel gets a launch window

Master Duel, Konami’s free adaptation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG got its first major reveal on the Tokyo Game Show stream. Two of the show’s hosts clashed in a high-intensity game play that aims to bring in over 10,000 cards in digital form. We got a glimpse of a single player story mode that takes a fresh take on stories seen in other Yu-Gi-Oh! games by providing more story cards and expansions themselves instead.

Video game streams go NSFW

Twitch is usually the place to go when you want to watch video game streams. But if you want a bit of NSFW content with games … well, there’s a place for that too. Chaturbate is usually a place where people go to do something that rhymes with its name, however, soon you will be able to watch video game streams there.

However, chaturbate has only approved a small list of indie games for fear of copyright issues. They include Princess Never Lose, Night Party, 3DXCHAT, Demons Rise Up !, House Party, Hunie Pop, and others.

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MechWarrior Online 1
MechWarrior Online developer apologizes for censoring trans rights message

PGI has since admitted that “trans rights” should not be taken as a controversial message.

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Best war hammer build in the new world Fri, 24 Sep 2021 19:30:00 +0000

Quick links

The Warhammer is a powerful two-handed weapon in New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMO. This heavy weapon is a valuable asset for tanky players, as well as well-balanced for PVP and PVE content.

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This guide covers the best attribute points to use for the Warhammer, the weapon to pair it with for a successful build, and the masteries that seem strongest.

Updated September 24, 2021 by Harry Alston: The Warhammer was used a lot during the Open Beta, although the hitboxes were a bit broken. We’re updating this War Hammer Building Guide to go over some of the changes, tweaks, and tips we learned while playing the War Hammer over the weekend. New World releases September 28.

Best Warhammer Build – The Tank

New World War Hammer

We’ve covered tank building in depth here, but there’s no doubt that the Warhammer favors more tanky force building. Here are the best masteries for different styles of play.

Tank skills PVP Masters
Clear out Armor breaker
Shock wave Mighty hammer
Path of fate Shock wave

In terms of armor, you can go for a balanced heavy / medium armor composition. For PVP duels, having this extra mobility is beneficial, although for late game PVE battles and large PVP battles, you may want to rely heavily on heavy armor to keep yourself alive in heavy armor. delicate situations.

PvE tank construction and upgrade

New World Crowd Crusher Warhammer

The War Hammer excels in PvE thanks to its powerful AoE attacks. The Tree Crowd Crusher and Juggernaut both provide a lot of damage in terms of scale, and you’ll do a quick job on large groups of enemies, even if the weapon attacks slowly. It’s a great choice for expeditions and for solo leveling.

Best Masteries for the Warhammer in PvE

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing masteries for the Warhammer. This suggested build primarily uses the Crowd Crusher tree, but the Juggernaut tree – specifically the Armor Breaker and its subsequent debuff passives – has its own strengths.

  • Active skillsClear out, Shock wave, and Path of fate.
  • Clear out – This is the first active skill you learn and it is an essential skill. When used, you swing the Warhammer in front of you, knocking enemies back four yards and dealing 115% weapon damage. It’s great for making room and getting out of a swarm of enemies.
  • Shock wave – Shockwave is another essential skill for a War Hammer tank build, especially because it is compatible with taunt gems to pull enemies towards you and away from your allies. It stuns enemies and with the second passive, Fragility, it will also inflict a Weakness debuff.
  • Path of fate – Just a brilliant PvE ability. There is no limit to the number of enemies it can hit, and with the final mastery passive, Boost Reduction, you can get a serious reload bonus if you hit multiple enemies.

Although this suggested construction is dominated by the Crowd crusher tree, you can also experience the Juggernaut side.

Other recommended abilities for the Warhammer include:

  • Mighty hammer, this ability scales massively with its damage passives and is a key part of the Juggernaut tree. We saw a lot of players with this ability during the open beta.
  • Armor breaker, debuffs galore. Ideal if you are playing a support tank role.

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Balanced war hammer construction for PVP tanking

New world pvp construction war hammer

The Warhammer is not an easy weapon to use in PVP. Used correctly you have a lot of CC and potential damage, but the weapon’s slowness and lack of abilities that can close the gap between you and the enemy make it difficult to use, especially for single target PVP. . Here is a suggested build to make it a bit easier.

  • Active skills – Armor Breaker, Wrecking Ball, Clear Out.

  • Armor breaker – The Armor Breaker skill is great for slicing through defensive enemies and is the method the tank uses to take down another tank. He penetrates armor and the second perk, Indomitable, adds Grit to the attack, meaning he’s unstoppable by block.
  • wrecking ball – This CC is better for PVP than PvE, as it “flattens” the enemy in place for a short time. If you manage to pull off a Wrecking Ball, the opponent will be held in place, meaning you can hopefully perform some really heavy attacks or an Armor Breaker.
  • Clear out – Just like in PVE, Clear Out is a valuable ability for PVP. The knockback CC can immobilize your enemy.

You have the option to take a more supportive role in large scale PVP battles. Armor Breaker is the key ability for this kind of role. Both the Great Ax and the Warhammer were used consistently during Open Beta and are perfectly fine for PVP build, as long as you can close the gap with your enemy.

Best Weapons to Pair with the Warhammer

New World War Hammer and Bow

There are a few options for good weapons to pair with the Warhammer, although we focused on some that really stand out: the Sword and the Big Ax, although we also had some fun with a bow / hammer construction of war which we will include as well.

To note: Warhammer only scales with strength, so you want to pair the weapon with another weapon that also benefits from strength scaling. This is why the Great Ax and War Hammer combination was so popular during the soundtrack.

War hammer and sword and shield

This is the build we discussed in our tank building guide, and it makes sense to combine the heavy CC of the war hammer with the defensive abilities of the sword, especially under the shield defender tree.

  • Active skills for the swordShield Bash, Shield Rush, Challenge Stance.
  • The goal of tank building is to keep enemies away from your main damage givers and healers. The compatible provocation Shield strike and Rush Shield are essential for this.

  • Shield Rush also predicts that a little more mobility that the war hammer alone is seriously lacking.

War hammer and bow


This is a PVP version that some players experienced during the closed beta. It’s difficult to use, mainly because it mixes tank roles with a more elusive or duelistic type of play. You still want to scale primarily for strength. It means your arc is going to be weak, but you’re primarily using it as a mobility tool at this point.

  • Active skillsEscape from fire, penetrating fire, rain of arrows.
  • Flee the shot is the key skill when it comes to mobility, and it’s one of the best to use during a single target PVP. Being able to disengage does wonders for the Warhammer, especially since you can step back and wait for your CC cooldowns to recover.
  • Rain of arrows is useful due to its bleeding and slow when maximizing its mastery tree.
  • Penetrating shot is a great opener in PVP. If you manage to land the shot, it can do massive damage, with a buff to damage distance traveled.

After the open beta, we also want include Poison Shot as a valuable option for any arch construction. It’s an incredibly powerful ability in PVP, especially with the number of Great Ax Warriors we’ve seen charging. Drop a poison cloud in front of you and you can zone aggressive players.

If you want to experiment with your own versions, you can use New World fans, the same platform we used to show you these versions.

War hammer and great ax

This is an incredibly popular release during Open Beta, even when players figured out the Hammer’s hitbox was a bit buggy. When the issue is resolved for the full release of New World, this weapon combination will stand out for both PVP and PVE.

  • Ideal combination for PVP. The Warhammer and the Great Ax collectively provide some of the best CC one on one in the game. As long as you can close the gap with a ranged or duelist character – the ax helps you – then you will be able to reduce the opponent’s HP.
  • You have options for solo upgrade, PVP tanking during sieges, Where specializes in a build that works well in duels. The Mighty Gavel ability for the Warhammer pairs well with the CC of the Great Ax. A complete build that is super fun to use.

You can check out some of our other building guides here:

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Witcher fan saved from stabbing thanks to Gwent

How about a Gwent ride?

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Meet the Scottish stars of the Channel 4 documentary who make ‘£ 200,000 a year’ by romping live online Thu, 23 Sep 2021 15:00:00 +0000

MEET Scottish couple Callum Cox and Cole Connor who make around “£ 200,000 a year” by sharing their antics on adult sites.

This week, the couple starred in Channel 4’s new documentary Sex Actually with Alice Levine, where they shared how they make money broadcasting live sex sessions for strangers online.


A couple earns 170,000 a year on cam

Chaturbate is the platform they use the most, regularly posting videos of their X-rated lovemaking, attracting up to 15 million monthly views.

And they revealed how their steamy on-screen performances have earned them hundreds of thousands of pounds, while also building up a fan base around the world.

The docuseries have delved into the lives of British couples who engage in sex work for a living.

Alice admitted to feeling uncomfortable attending the cam sessions, saying, “I don’t know how you prepare to be sitting in someone’s bedroom while they have sex. There is no manual for this. “

In Callum and Cole’s line of work, fans are asked to choose what the couple does for pay.

Viewers can pay for tokens that match a menu of sexual scenarios.

The higher the price, the hotter the act.

Dundee-based Callum and Cole are fan favorites, winning ‘Best Couple’ at the 2021 Grabby Awards which rank gay erotic videos.

The Scots are offering advice to other gay men who may be new to sex experiences, by hosting videos of their top ten sex positions on YouTube.

The duo are proud of their work, as Cole announces in a YouTube Q&A: “I used to work in a karting center, and I don’t think I would like to go back to something like that. I really like the job we have now.

Awkward Sex Moment Makes Couple Have Fun Steps From Presenter – Leaving Viewers Mortified

Lovers also open up about their personal lives, saying, “This is one of the reasons we decided to start uploading to YouTube again – we want to let people know that there is more to us than to just have sex in front of a camera. “

They answer fans’ questions about the relationship, discussing their love at first sight experience.

And Callum admits he’s waiting for Cole to propose.

Callum and Cole won "best couple" at the Grabby Awards


Callum and Cole won “Best Couple” at the Grabby Awards
Gymnastics Champion and Former Pornstar Verona van de Them Tells OnlyFans Saved Her Locked Out Career

We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Write to us at or call 0141 420 5300

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confessions of a Channel 4 presenter Wed, 22 Sep 2021 22:05:00 +0000

At what point does a TV show that deals with sexually explicit material itself become sexually explicit material? It’s a fine, thrilling line and one that Alice Levine’s new series Sex in fact (Channel 4) struggling with a sometimes ridiculous effect.

In the first episode, devoted to couples filming each other on live chat sites for cash, some of the camera angles used to avoid showing a breast or dong were Bafta-worthy in their ingenuity. There was a scene in Austin Powers where Mike Myers did a similar dance to hide his modesty with a watermelon.

This only underscored some of the difficulties encountered when making sex TV shows. The first of these is the good old British embarrassment. Levine must have convinced viewers that she was interested in what young couples were doing behind closed doors – but not that interested.

It’s important, the show said on the one hand, that people are open and honest about their sexuality and what turns them on. This way we can learn about ourselves.

But how open and honest? Levine spent most of the episode either in the room with people banging or just outside the door listening. She squirmed throughout, far more than any of the friendly young couples bumping into each other (which, by the way, is now known as “content creation”). “You have to remember that it’s work and it’s a service people pay for,” said Nikita from Bournemouth, one of the show’s attendees. I don’t think that’s how Levine saw him two yards away as she handed out another handkerchief.

The premise for doing another sex TV show – they don’t tend to do well for the reason described above – was the pandemic. The lockdown and leave have left many people at home sitting in front of laptops wondering how they are going to make ends meet. There you go, sites like Chaturbate with the inimitable name have come up with a quick fix.

If people chatting while rubbing, performing appropriate Cirque du Soleil contortions for tokens and likes, it all seems a little odd to the twice-monthly crowd, Levine’s conclusion was that in the end, it was not a bad thing. Why wouldn’t people make money by “living in the moment” (NB: those are not my words) and spending time with the person they love the most?

However, she had already offered an answer as to why they shouldn’t do it right before the commercial break, when a tearful Kayla from Newcastle admitted she was ashamed when her father found out what she was doing. Callum and Cole, two nimble young Scots, nearly fell out after a session when Callum said he didn’t like her very much. Financial gain does not always compensate for emotional cuts.

Likewise, there was no mention of the eternal shadow of the Internet, and the fact that each of these “live” shows is being recorded somewhere for children and family to dig up, if they are. wish. Which could be embarrassing. But then, that was symptomatic of the show as a whole – faced with the reality of nude sex today, she didn’t know where to look.

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SoloCam Launches Streaming Service For Live Artists To Exclusive Serve And Earn More Mon, 20 Sep 2021 14:21:00 +0000

For internet professionals who rely on personal streaming platforms, a new ray of hope comes from the new live streaming platform, SoloCam. SoloCam is proud to announce its Monetary Optimization-based personal video streaming platform, designed only for streamers who want to make a difference for their loyal subscribers.

SoloCam is the newcomer to a hotly contested field teeming with factors of glamor and oomph. Unfortunately, market-based platforms leave a lot to be desired, and so the creators behind SoloCam have decided to come up with something new – where performers and solo artists could stream live for their loyal, organic fan base. , and stay intimately connected with them.

Live cam models lose up to 80% of their revenue to the studios and platforms where they are going to perform. SoloCam as a product vouches for the sole purpose of being “Solo”. The platform includes features like live streaming with multiple room types, pay per minute and tips, a media gallery with purchasable content, instant messaging and Solo. The Starter plan is FREE and a Premium plan is offered at a nominal price. In addition, there is also an affiliate program.

“SoloCam allows creators to take ownership of their page, giving absolute impetus to monetization of creator content and guaranteed privacy control,” said a spokesperson.

In fact, this will allow creators and streamers to enjoy four times more than their previously generated income, as the commission that the product earns includes a lot of things including; server hosting costs, security measures, support and troubleshooting, etc.

In addition to website ownership, the product also offers a range of monetization tools to cater not only to the creator but to the audience as well. Everything is taken care of, from creating content to receiving payments with zilch documents or hidden or special charges.

SoloCam currently comes in two plans with customization delivered hassle-free as the company is an IT company at the end of the day. The product aims to be a suitable fit as it has brought together the varied functionality of platforms such as Chaturbate, OnlyFans, ManyVids, Linktree, and Messenger.

Whether the streamer decides to host minute shows or offer visual content for sale, Solocam aims to be a single-player, unique, and cost-effective solution.

For more information, please visit:

Media contact
Company Name: SoloCam
Contact: André
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

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Sex Actually with Alice Levine probes Britain’s most intimate encounters Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:00:56 +0000

TV updates

With her broad, disarming gaze and friendly demeanor, Alice Levine has a way of asking the most direct questions about people’s sex lives without offending anyone. I’m not talking about the “How many dildos do you own?” Or “Were you lying about your penis size?” variety as much as the straightforward question “How much money do you make?” ”

The couple Geordie, Jack, 27, and Kayla, 21, gave up their jobs (decorator and sandwich maker) to explore, as Levine puts it, “the new frontier of the gig economy in Britain”. They are part of a seemingly growing trend of “cam couples”, broadcasting their intimate encounters live to the benefit of paying clients. The pair of chuckles brings Levine into their bedroom, where a cat sleeps next to a row of sex toys, and allows him to sit down during their next session (luckily, that doesn’t involve the cat). “I wasn’t prepared for the reality of watching two people have sex just two meters from my face,” she recalls afterward.

At the very least, Levine learned from his previous Channel 4 documentary on extreme right-wing extremist attitudes to focus on charming participants. Nikita and Sam, 24 and 29, a chic biker couple from Bournemouth, have a whiteboard showing their strict sex schedule. They each have an OnlyFans account to maintain (a subscription platform), as well as their couples’ sessions. Sam is the size of a chintz covered sofa and has the same pattern as well, with tattoos on her arms and neck and in her hair. “90 percent of my fans are men,” he reveals. Nikita, on the other hand, can win a pony just for calling someone a “dirty bitch”.

Soft-spoken Scottish couple Cole and Callum are big earners on Chaturbate, the adult webcam site, with an average of 15 million views of their energetic content per month. Subscribers pay in tokens, choosing from a large menu of sex acts. Levine: “This is quite the options page. Dressed in unpretentious hoodies and sweatpants, the pair jump onto the bed to demonstrate the positions that look “really good” on camera: the price goes up to 280 tokens for. . . a very explicit act (I do not state it.)

Despite the franchise, this first episode of the three-part series, of which Louis Theroux was executive producer, is not really about sex, but about love. The way these couples look at each other is downright adorable. Jack’s on-screen porn patter might be hilarious, but afterward he assures Levine, “I’m saying sorry.”


On Channel 4 from September 22 at 10 p.m.

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Experts say OnlyFans is a ‘gateway activity’ to exploitation Tue, 07 Sep 2021 15:00:42 +0000

The power of pornography over our society became clear again last month, when popular London-based content creator subscription service OnlyFans announced it would ban ‘sexually explicit’ content from its platform – but abruptly turned the tide following criticism from creators and advocates of positive sex. .

While advocates of consenting content creation celebrated the overthrow, other advocates and pundits fear that OnlyFans’ seemingly out-of-control platform could lead to further exploitation of the individuals featured.

“We live in the world that pornography has created” Catherine A. MacKinnon, lawyer, scholar, writer, teacher and activist, writing for a New York Times editorial.For more than three decades, researchers have documented that it desensitizes consumers to violence and spreads myths about rape and other lies about women’s sexuality.

“In doing so, it normalizes itself, becoming more and more invasive, intrusive and dangerous, surrounding us more and more intimately, preparing the culture so that it becomes difficult even to recognize its misdeeds”, MacKinnon, who also teaches the law at the University of Michigan. and Harvard Law School, continued to detail.

OnlyFans logo via their website.

OnlyFans said the reason for the now-retracted ban was to work with credit card companies regarding payment processing issues, but there’s one more reason to think the platform is trying to get ahead of being exposed to exploitation, explains MacKinnon.

For starters, MacKinnon argues that content from OnlyFans and similar websites cannot consider a person a “sex worker,” writing that for some what they do is not sex “in the sense privacy ”, or work,“ in the sense of productivity and dignity.

In other words, for every freelance and consenting content creator on similar platforms, there are also individuals who are being abused and trafficked in front of the camera.

The legitimization of uncontrolled sexual abuse on webcam sites like OnlyFans can be detrimental to many, MacKinnon continues, especially when similar platforms see creators on the rise, as the economy is alluring for those in financial difficulty.

Sex work and the pandemic

Throughout the global pandemic, almost all industries have experienced tensions and difficulties, but sex work has been severely tested as many people are not allowed to physically interact outside of their own home. home, whether the rules are enforced by government blockades or private companies, the details of the conversation.

“The virus is a disaster for businesses with direct contact with customers – and sex work is no different,” says Goddess Cleo, a dominatrix from London, who recently spoke to the bbc discuss the surprising increase in the number of new women turning to an online platform to make money with explicit content.

Max Bennett, from the Stripchat website, where the public pays to watch live sex, also spoke to the BBC, stating: “Adult performers are switching to livecams, like traditional [markets] have largely closed.

This increase in creators has been documented across the board.

The US-based live streaming site Chaturbate reported a 75% increase in the number of registered sex workers since the start of the epidemic – a faster increase than the rate of increase in traffic from hearing.

Much of this increase is due to stories spreading like wildfire on social media about ordinary people and celebrities who apparently hit the jackpot by posting on these websites, like celebrities. Jessika Power revealing to Yahoo! Way of life that she won $ 50,000 on OnlyFans after having an account for only five days.

But a lot of that is smoke in the mirrors, as an in-depth study by Influencer Marketing Hub found that the average OnlyFans user earns $ 180 per month and most accounts earn less than $ 145 in the same amount of time. The truth is, the top percent of OnlyFans content creators earn 33 percent of all money on the platform, AfroTech reported earlier this month.

While many positive sex advocates would argue that it should be revered as shameless work as a way to make honest money, privacy and anti-abuse advocates argue that online pornography is a ” gateway activity ”to operations.

Online sexual exploitation

MacKinnon details in his editorial that serious allegations have been made against OnlyFans regarding inadequate screening for content depicting incest, bestiality and child sexual abuse. In addition, another credible complaint was recently filed in Korea alleging that OnlyFans hosted videos of minors.

While OnlyFans responded by saying that it does not tolerate any violation of its policies or the law and takes action against users who do not keep themselves or others safe, MacKinnon writes that this is not enough.

“Tthere is no way to know if pimps and traffickers recruit reckless, vulnerable or desperate or coerce them off screen and confiscate or scavenge profits, as is typically the case in the industry sex, ”MacKinnon explains.

She goes on to write that most women enter the sex industry – online or in person – as minors, adding that their vulnerability is at the heart of their marketing as children are portrayed as adults and adults are often portrayed. like children.

While OnlyFans requires creators to be at least 18 and go through an age verification process, many say it’s easy to defeat or have an older person sign up for a minor.

To combat this injustice, MacKinnon points to the passage of an effective California bill, such as the legislation “adapts the best features of copyright, libel and trafficking law to solve this problem. ”

“If adopted,” MacKinnon writes, “it would create a civil lawsuit for victims of online sex trafficking – nude or sexual images of minors or adults who have been coerced or deceived or victims of theft. Once the notice is given, the trafficker would have to remove the materials or pay $ 100,000 for every two hours that they remain accessible.

MacKinnon concludes that anyone who is sexually trafficked through online platforms needs real protection to be successful in our world.

In light of recent filings and complaints, OnlyFans has released this statement:

OnlyFans is strictly an 18+ social media platform. OnlyFans does not tolerate any violation of our policies and we take immediate action to ensure the safety and security of our users. The Trust & Safety division of the platform has grown alongside the business and OnlyFans continues to dedicate the best resources to this area. OnlyFans is home to over 1.25 million creators. The Site has detailed policies and procedures in place to proactively monitor any attempted fraudulent access to the Platform, including access by minors, and in the event of a violation of these Terms, the Account is immediately closed. OnlyFans continues to increase surveillance measures to prevent fraudulent breaches.

Catherine A. MacKinnon is a lawyer, scholar, writer, teacher and activist. She teaches law at the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School and works for victims of sexual violence around the world.

its full New York Times editorial can be accessible here.

Further reading: Police sex workers: NYPD vice-unit targeted minorities, report says

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