Lincoln Electric Scooter Pilot Program Update

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Lincoln electric scooters take you from point to point. More than 85,000 trips have been made in the past year as the city prepares to conclude its pilot program. Every time someone steps on one of the scooters it continues to bring money to the city, …

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Discover the impressive 2022 Super Soco CT-3 electric maxi-scooter

Super Soco is a Chinese-Australian joint venture that sells vehicles in various markets, including the United States. At the 19th China International Motorcycle Trade Expo at Chongqing International Exhibition Center in China, the Chinese electric vehicle maker presented the CT-3, its first electric maxi-scooter. Features of the two-wheeler include a …

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ScooterLNK Safety Event Offered Wednesday | Extra Quarter

On an electric scooter, Alberto Flores (left) drives his friends through the intersection of Ninth and P. PHOTO BY FRANCIS GARDLER, Star of the Journal Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) invites the public to attend a ScooterLNK safety education event on Wednesday October 6 on North 17th Street between R …

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