The very popular Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parody Chatroulette had an unexpected side effect after helping the song rise to number one on the US charts.

Steve Kardynal’s performance on the webcam chat randomizer – which saw him lick a hammer and ride a Miley’s homemade wrecking ball – became such a viral sensation as it has recorded over 7 million views in within 24 hours of entering YouTube.

And the video – which also features the horrified and amused reactions from those watching – gave the track an unlikely boost, under graphics regulations that also take streaming into account.

Chatroulette Wrecking Ball
Steve Kardynal’s parody has over 71 million views on YouTube (Photo: Steve Kardynal / YouTube)

Wrecking Ball’s return to first place ended Lorde’s reign with the Royals after nine weeks.

The clip, meanwhile, continues to strengthen, having been viewed over 71 million times.

It follows a series of parodies from the original video, in which the singer rides a wrecking ball wearing nothing but a pair of boots. Check out Live Cam review site for more information about free adult videos.

Others who have made their mark included a recreation of the video by Vine user Frank McDonald, as well as a version that replaced Miley with actor Nicolas Cage.