City commissioners discuss concerns about scooters


At the end of the June 10 meeting of the Town of Gainesville Policy Committee, Commissioner David Arreola referred to an email he had received from Butler Enterprises, saying that the day after the approval of the permits for scooter, the three scooter rental companies had dropped off scooters at Butler Plaza, “creating so many liability issues… It’s day two. And I went to… talk to some of the companies – I’m afraid some of the people in administration here aren’t really up to it – they don’t really know what’s in the license… That m ‘just blown away, are you just going to go to someone’s house and drop off the scooters however you want?… Everyone’s talking about it… I don’t play baseball, so it’s not three strikes with me; I play golf, you get a mulligan. It was the mulligan … I will recommend that we withdraw the licenses of some companies if they do not form.

Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker added that there are several disembarkation sites in her district, District 1, “and my concern is a major safety concern when we have people riding the streets, and I remember reading an article where it said at Depot Park they are geo-fenced so no one can throw them into the lake. I need you to geo-fence so the kids can’t ride in the middle of the street… I got several calls from constituents in Lincoln Estates and Duval and a number of other places. Although I can see the value, these cannot [inaudible] as it is now.

Reina Saco’s comments started inaudible, so it was the first part that was clear: “[police chief?] telling me just a few hours ago that they received a video of a group of a dozen children on horseback. They were all younger teenagers going down to college in groups, some on the sidewalks, some on the road, so there must be… [inaudible]… Over 18 years old… [inaudible]… ‘Oh, that’s cool’, and then they hit the road. If there is a way to contact businesses to make sure about the 18 and over stuff, I don’t know how to do that… ”

It was difficult to hear Commissioners’ comments throughout the meeting because they wore face masks and did not have individual microphones; when they meet in the Auditorium of the Town Hall, they have individual microphones.

It was the end of the discussion; Mayor Lauren Poe moved on to another topic after Saco’s comment.

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