City seeks public opinion on electric scooters

At the end of October, three companies supplying electric scooters had a total of 123,327 cyclists having made 452,808 individual trips this year.

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The second year of the Ottawa Electric Scooter Pilot Program is almost on the books and the city is asking the public for feedback on the successes and failures of the program.

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This year, the city doubled the number of shared electric scooters available, with 1,200 distributed in Ottawa by three companies: Bird Canada, Lime and Neuron. At the end of October, according to the city, the three companies had a total of 123,327 runners who completed 452,808 individual trips.

This was almost double the number of trips made in 2020, the first year of the pilot, with more than 238,000 trips for 72,720 passengers.

The majority of scooters are found downtown, although the program extends west to Clyde Avenue, south to Baseline Road, and east to Aviation Parkway. In 2021, the city opened up areas outside the Greenbelt to scooter companies, although it says that program is still under review.

Fans of the electric scooter program make them a cheap, reliable, and fun way to get around the city center. Critics complain about reckless drivers using them on sidewalks – which is not allowed – and abandoned scooters blocking sidewalks and doors.

The scooters have a geolocation service that has been programmed to make them unusable in no-travel areas and parks, which include transit stations, NCC trails and the Byward Market.

Scooters were back in Ottawa in 2021.
Scooters were back in Ottawa in 2021. Photo by Tony Caldwell /Postmedia

The city is also working with the three companies on new technology that will alert them if one of their scooters has been knocked over for a period of time, emit warning sounds as pedestrians approach, and reward drivers who use the machines. safe and demonstrate “good parking behavior.”

Properly parked electric scooters are left upright in the sidewalk “furniture area” near trees, benches, and bicycle racks, and away from pedestrians.

A link to the end of season survey can be found online at Questions can be emailed to [email protected]

The 2021 electric scooter season ends on November 30, which is also the poll submission deadline.

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