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LUCKNOW: In another move to win female voters ahead of the 2022 UP Assembly elections, Congress National Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday announced that if he voted for power, his party would give smartphones to girls who pass class XII and an electronic scooter to those who graduate.
On Tuesday, Congress announced that it would give 40% of tickets to women candidates in the next legislative elections scheduled for early next year.
“I had met students who said they needed smartphones for studies and security. I’m glad that with the agreement of the manifesto committee, the UP Congress today made the decision to give smartphones to girls who switch from intermediate and electronic scooters to graduates, ”Priyanka tweeted.
Priyanka also shared a music video of schoolgirls she spoke to on Wednesday. One girl said Priyanka asked them if they had phones to click on selfies. “We told him we don’t have phones and they aren’t allowed in our colleges. She promised to announce that the girls would have phones and we said that would help our safety as well, ”one girl said.
“She told us to study hard. We want her to continue to meet and interact with us, ”said another student.
Later, UP Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu said successive governments had made big demands for a safe and conducive environment for women, but all fell flat.
“India ranks 148th out of 188 countries in terms of women’s political participation with only 12% female representatives in Lok Sabha and 19% in UP Vidhan Sabha. Ensuring that women are educated is the first step towards real participation of women in all fields, ”he said.
Congress spokesman Shuchi Vishvas Srivastava said: “Our party does not only believe in the empowerment of women, it is also working to achieve it. Education empowers women and this will ensure that girls do not drop out after upper secondary school.
Congress is not the first party to promise smartphones. On October 6, the ruling BJP announced a smartphone distribution program. In an official statement, the state government said it will provide free smartphones to students so that they can continue their education even from home.
Previously, the Samajwadi party had given laptops to students in its regime and promised to donate smartphones in its manifesto for the 2017 elections to Vidhan Sabha.
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