Could Hartford’s electric scooter idea work in downtown Danbury?

On April 22, one hundred commendable silver and yellow electric scooters arrived in downtown Hartford, according to the Hartford Courant. Their new scooter rental program kicked off on Earth Day.

I wondered if this same type of electric scooter program could work successfully in downtown Danbury? What could possibly go wrong? Hartford has partnered with transport robotics company Superpedestrian, which will operate the scooter-sharing service called LINK. Plus, Hartford offers free safety training and a free helmet giveaway.

LINK provides a personalized city map built into the scooters that prevents you from riding on sidewalks and other areas they aren’t supposed to go to. When the cyclist approaches a geographically fenced area, the scooter stops.

In Hartford, the cost is $ 1 to unlock the scooter, then 36 cents per minute after that. So if you do the math, that comes down to $ 11.80 for a 30 minute ride, including the $ 1 unlock fee.

So what do you think? Would this scooter sharing concept work in downtown Danbury? In my opinion, the answer is a caveat, NO and I’ll tell you why. I drove on Main Street in Danbury, and it’s a crazy town!

People drive too fast and take too many risks. Remember, these scooters are programmed not to run on sidewalks. Drivers in Danbury town center would panic if they saw one of these electric scooters approaching in their rearview mirrors. So roll down the car window, and the curses start flying.

On the bright side, I imagine a scenario of people at Kennedy Flats renting an electric scooter to get to Two Steps Grille or Empire of the Incas for a bite to eat. The same can be said for the occupants who will move into the new Brookfield Commons II on Main Street when it is completed. Another destination for electric scooters could be the Danbury Palace, which will reopen on June 19.

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