Discover the impressive 2022 Super Soco CT-3 electric maxi-scooter

Super Soco is a Chinese-Australian joint venture that sells vehicles in various markets, including the United States. At the 19th China International Motorcycle Trade Expo at Chongqing International Exhibition Center in China, the Chinese electric vehicle maker presented the CT-3, its first electric maxi-scooter. Features of the two-wheeler include a dynamic design and full LED lighting, as well as a color TFT dashboard. It runs on electricity and has a range of up to 180 kilometers on a single charge. Super Soco CT-3 will be released in European markets in addition to its home market.

Super Soco has been talking about it for quite some time now and it looks like the electric scooter will meet all buyers’ expectations.

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A dynamic new generation design

Exterior of the Super Soco CT-3 2022 electric maxi-scooter

Via Google / ZigWheels

Like most maxi scooters, the Super Soco CT-3 has a wide fascia with two LED lights and a large visor. A massive rear section with vertically stacked LED light and LED indicators completes the design. The whole appearance is reminiscent of BMW’s petrol C 400 GT and looks extremely stylish. The scooter is fitted with a wide visor which should provide sufficient protection against the wind. It is attached to the frame with four protruding hooks which add to the athletic look of the scooter.

The Super Soco CT-3 sports a one-piece seat with a passenger grab bar, a raised transparent windshield, high handlebars, a headlight and a DRL-mounted front apron. The Super Soco CT-3 is equipped with single disc brakes on the front and rear wheels and ABS to ensure the safety of the rider on the road. Dual gas telescopic forks at the front and a hydraulic shock absorber at the rear handle the suspension tasks on the maxi-style scooter. The CT-3 is fitted with five-spoke alloy wheels. When not in use, passenger footrests are folding parts that fit perfectly inside the frame.

Sharp curves and grooves adorn the body panels, ensuring that the scooter attracts attention on the street. They also help reduce drag and improve aerodynamic properties. This becomes all the more critical for a scooter that runs on batteries. This will allow the scooter to travel more kilometers on a full charge. Because the Super Soco CT-3 benefits from an ergonomic driving posture, users can enjoy comfortable rides. The scooter handlebars are wide and raised, providing a relaxed resting posture for the hands. Foot comfort was also taken into account, with plenty of floor space.

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A range of electronics

2022 LED for Super Soco CT-3 Electric Maxi-Scooter

Via Google / RushLane

A huge 7-inch TFT screen is installed in the cockpit of the Super Soco CT-3. The center console display shows a lot of information about the status of the scooter, such as driving statistics, battery status and range. It has smartphone connectivity in addition to all the standard features. Since the smaller Super Soco scooters include reverse parking assist, it’s safe to assume that it will be included in the CT-3’s feature set as well. In addition, it must have an integrated navigation system.

Other high-tech electronic features include NFC smart unlocking, park assist, and facial recognition. Apart from all this, all the lights on the front and rear are fitted with LEDs.

An all-electric powertrain

Super Soco CT-3 electric maxi-scooter from 2022

Via Google / Motorcycle editor

The CT-3 has an output power of approximately 18.6 kW, which equates to approximately 25 horsepower. Its claimed top speed is 77.6 mph, making it suitable for interstate travel. On a single charge, the range should be 110 miles. It’s a 105.6 to almost 112 mile range, which seems sufficient for its intended use. It has a 7.2 kWh battery which Super Soco claims can be charged in three hours.

The closest competitor, the BMW CE-04, has a top speed of 75 mph. Its range, however, is 80 miles. Its next competitor, the Ola S1 Pro, has a top speed of 70 mph and a range of 110 miles on a full charge.

Most of the specifications of the scooter are still unknown, as is the price. Upon launch, Super Soco will provide pricing and availability information for the Super Soco CT-3 maxi-mode scooter across Europe. However, it will likely cost around $ 6,389 when it is released. However, from the currently known specs, the Super Soco CT-3 electric maxi-scooter seems to be a shining star in the fast-flowering electric two-wheeler segment.

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