Drunk electric scooter driver caught driving home on highway

Watch: an electric scooter driver has stopped driving along the Birmingham motorway

A drunk electric scooter driver was pulled over by police on the highway as he tried to get home after a night out.

Footage showed the man traveling in the middle of the A38 Aston Express in Birmingham in the early hours of Sunday.

He was also seen riding the scooter down the middle of the seven-lane carriageway at one point as cars and buses went at 50 mph.

Agents from the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) arrested the man and reported him to the appropriate authorities.

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The man drove his e-scooter in the middle of the A38 Aston Express in Birmingham. (CMPG / SWNS)

The man drove his e-scooter next to a bus.  (CPMG / SWNS)

The man drove his e-scooter next to a bus. (CPMG / SWNS)

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The force posted the footage on Twitter as a warning to the public, writing: “We are huge advocates of #modalshift (away from cars) and #ActiveTravel here at CMPG.

“But scooters and the like should never be on the grid.

“This intoxicated man on the A38M on Sunday morning was arrested and reported after finding an original but very dangerous way to get home after a night in Brum.”

Private electric scooters can only be legally used in the UK on private land, but are common on roads and sidewalks.

West Midlands Police said earlier this year they seized 106 electric scooters between January and June, and 14 more in Birmingham city center during a day of crackdown.

Voi electric scooters tested in Birmingham, Coventry and Sandwell are legal on cycle lanes and roads, but not on motorways.

In June, West Yorkshire Police released video footage of a man on a private electric scooter attempting to reach the M606 motorway in Bradford at 15 mph.

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