Eccity launches its 2022 range of electric scooters in France

Electric scooters make perfect sense, especially in urban cities in Europe. It is not uncommon to see people strolling around town on weekdays, commuting to work or running errands, aboard these light and sensible machines. Bikes and larger cars, on the other hand, tend to be reserved for long trips out of town or for intercity trips.

As such, there are quite a few small electric two-wheeler manufacturers that many of us have never heard of. One of them is Eccity, a small manufacturer of electric scooters based in Grasse, France. It first introduced its electric scooters almost ten years ago, with 50cc and 125cc equivalents in terms of power and performance. He even launched the Model 3, a tilting three-wheeler with two wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front.

Eccity continues to operate in the South of France, with its scooters assembled locally, with parts sourced from suppliers around the world. For the 2022 model year, the company has decided to update its entire model lineup, as well as make some feature and component improvements. To begin with, the entire Eccity range is getting a makeover. Gone are the dated, vertically stacked headlights in favor of a more modern and streamlined single circular LED unit.

The new Eccity scooters also feature a more minimalist overall approach. For example, the handlebars are now exposed and the cockpit has been completely revised. It gets a larger and deeper color TFT instrument cluster that gives scooters a high-end and modern aesthetic. Style and technology revisions aside, the powertrains of the scooters remain the same as before. The 2022 machines, however, benefit from an improved front suspension.

Interestingly, despite improvements to the 2022 models, Eccity has managed to keep prices competitive. In fact, he reduced the prices of all scooters in his Arsenal. The smallest of the lot, the 50, is priced at 6,490 euros ($ 7,528), while the 125 retails for 6,690 euros ($ 7,760). The 125+, which features slight technological and performance improvements, costs 7,890 euros ($ 9,152). Finally, the Model 3 gets a sticker price of 9,890 euros (11,472 USD).

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