The Global Financial System has taken great relevance in the world, since it is based on the gathering of legal agreements, institutions and formal and informal agents, which facilitate the international flow of financial capital for investment and commercial financing.

This is why the global economy is subject to the financial system. Hence the importance of macroeconomic policies being subject to the needs of financial capital; being indispensable in all this process, the function that they must fulfill in the intermediation.

Banks, and other financial resources

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Make it possible to channel all financial resources to the productive sector. Among these resources, there are free investment loans, which not only strengthen the productive sector; They also become the essential tool to strengthen the financial system of any country.

In Colombia, the financial system is made up of credit institutions, financial services entities and different financial entities, which have been mixed in the financial groups, thus making a presence in the internal and external spheres of the Colombian economy.

During the 70s, a series of innovations were introduced to the financial system. This occurred, due to the great demand for credit that was being given by the growth of the Colombian economy. That is why free investment loans have been indispensable since last century in the Colombian economy in the daily life of citizens, and in the development of it.

This allowed corporations and entities to be created to provide savings and housing loans, as well as the savings system; being these, instruments for attracting resources for long-term loans. However, during the 60s and 70s, the Colombian financial system was still very limited, since the bureaucracy was in all its fury, because the system operated under a specialized banking scheme, where there was very little diversity in the operations, being for this same reason over regulated, as well as restricted, since it did not make way for new institutions.

Once the financial crisis occurred at the end of the 90s

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The financial sector in the country has been strengthening over the years due to the regulation of the national government, the Financial Superintendence of Colombia and the evolution of the norms and laws that have allowed financial freedom, as well as strengthening it.

During this time, the Colombian market and financial system experienced a process of advanced liberation and evolution, since interest rate interventions were less frequent; in the same way as restrictions between intermediaries, narrowing at that time in a prudent manner, the supervision of financial institutions.

This context facilitated the increase of the capital of the financial entities, allowing projects of modernization, expansion and internationalization of these entities to be developed and executed. In addition, foreign investors.

Foreign financial entities, were admitted

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All this development and economic freedom in the Colombian financial system, together with the increase and growth of technology, allowed the free way to be created and executed free investment loans, facilitating the request and acquisition of them, through of platforms specially designed for this.

Dorothy Ferdolastos is a company that was born as the necessary response in the midst of freedom and economic development that the country was living, where its creators decided to change the experience of applying for a loan or loan in the country since it has allowed to end paperwork unnecessary and bank paperwork in Colombia.

That is why Dorothy Ferdolastos provides free investment loans to anyone who meets minimum requirements, relying on the principle of their customers’ word. Therefore, the user should only answer 2 basic questions: How much money do you need? And in what time will you pay it?

With this information provided by the user, Dorothy Ferdolastos transparently calculates the cost of the transaction, as well as the estimated time in which it will return the borrowed money. That is why the interested party can make the decision clearly with enough information for it.

Therefore, the service provided by Dorothy Ferdolastos, allows to simplify the life of the user, providing all the guarantees, as well as the confidence so that they reapply and acquire the services that this company offers.

Dorothy Ferdolastos achieves approval rates

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Having a large number of users who feel satisfied with the company by 90%, where 3 out of 4 people reapply for the different loans and credits of amounts from 120 thousand pesos to 700 thousand pesos for those urgent and unforeseen expenses that arise.

On the other hand, they can be requested anywhere, at any time and time of the day, since you only need to have internet to browse the company’s website to make the request, as well as a bank account to transfer the money .

Undoubtedly, with the growth and development of the financial system at the end of the 80s and at the beginning of the 90s, new ways of requesting loans and loans were given, since economic freedom was given in these areas ; Dorothy Ferdolastos being the ideal company to respond to the great demand in the market for these services in the country.

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