Gogoro’s electric scooters and swappable batteries continue to expand globally

Gogoro’s international expansion has been rapid, with the Taiwanese exchangeable battery and electric scooter company now announcing a partnership with Gojek to enter the Indonesian market.

Indonesia is the world’s third largest market for two-wheeled vehicles like scooters and motorcycles, after China and India (two markets Gogoro has already announced its intention to enter).

Motorcycles are the dominant form of transportation in Indonesia, overtaking cars by almost seven to one. This makes it a major target for electrification.

To begin operations in the island nation, Gogoro has partnered with Jakarta-based mobility and on-demand platform Gojek.

Gojek’s operations are numerous, but the most interesting for Gogoro is his large fleet of motorcycle delivery drivers. Many can travel hundreds of kilometers a day, almost entirely on gasoline motorcycles. Gojek and Gogoro will work together to help equip these riders with Gogoro’s electric scooters, providing a better, cleaner and greener alternative.

The Gogoro electric scooters for use in the rider are capable of speeds in excess of 80 km / h (50 mph), which makes them useful for a variety of roads in urban areas.

More importantly, the partnership will not only see Gogoro’s electric vehicles enter Indonesia, but the company’s world-famous battery exchange system as well.

Gogoro’s GoStations house dozens to hundreds of interchangeable batteries. Riders can simply walk to a station and swap out a full battery or two, swapping out depleted batteries in their vehicle with freshly charged packs.

As Gogoro founder and CEO Horace Luke explained:

“One of the biggest challenges of our time, in Indonesia and around the world, is transforming our urban transportations into a new generation of electric two-wheeled transport that is smart and sustainable, accessible and people can adopt. With Gojek and the support of the Indonesian government, we are on the right track to achieve this. The Gogoro Battery Swap is a new generation of electric refueling that provides an open platform for two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers to introduce new electric vehicles enabling fast, safe and easy-to-use refueling.

The partnership will begin a pilot project, testing 250 Gogoro vehicles and four battery exchange stations, in Jakarta, before expanding to 5,000 planned vehicles and additional battery exchange stations.

Gogoro has more experience than any other exchangeable battery company in the world, and will apply in Indonesia what it has learned from setting up its extensive network in Taiwan. There, the company oversees 270,000 battery exchanges every day, with a service that counts 400,000 passengers.

Over 250 million battery exchanges have taken place so far at Gogoro’s 2,100 battery exchange stations in Taiwan, and that number continues to grow at an impressive rate.

With 7 million two-wheelers sold per year in Indonesia, and only 3% of them electric, Gogoro and Gojek hope to revolutionize the market with a massive shift towards electric vehicles.

As Gojek’s transport manager, Raditya Wibowo, explained during a call with Electrek:

“Our goal is to change the perception of the market on what an electric motorcycle can do. What you have seen with the capabilities of Gogoro bikes so far we believe will definitely help us educate consumers. Currently in Indonesia, no one thinks that electric bicycles can really be used to replace gasoline-powered bicycles. And that’s what we aim to change. “

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