Javi Marroquin: Did he try to cheat on his girlfriend with ANOTHER reality star ?!

Javi Marroquin … what a dog, right?

No offense to dogs, of course.

Once upon a time a lot of Teen Mom fans thought he was a decent guy, but not so much more.

Because kindness is lovable, does it have a problem to be faithful.

We had heard rumors about this before – by the time things were ending between him and Kailyn Lowry, there were several rumors that he had cheated on her.

And then things started to get brighter during that dark time a few years ago when he juggled with Kailyn, Briana DeJesus and Lauren Comeau everything at once.

Javi Marroquin gets serious

Remember when he used Lauren to try to convince Briana to move with him to Delaware?

Yeah, that wasn’t great.

He told her that Lauren would change her state to be with him, and she did, but only after knocking her out.

And then last year, he slept with a girl in his house while Lauren slept upstairs with their baby.

Lauren with Javi Marroquin

It doesn’t get more fishy than that, surely …

Except hold on, because it definitely is.

In last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn was frustrated with Javi because he was mean about their dropouts.

In her frustration, she revealed that he had recently tried to meet her in the parking lot of a gas station.

Kailyn Lowry and a selfie

But that wasn’t all – she also had texts from him asking if she wanted him to “sneak” while he was in the area.

She said every time he was in her town he tried the same thing.

After the episode aired, Lauren took their child and left returning home to Maine, and Javi didn’t even try to deny it.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: engagement photo

Instead, he did everything to need to change his ways and go to church and read the Bible.

But while he may be trying to change right now, there is a new story emerging from his horndog past.

A past that would involve Lacey Whitlow from Love After Lockup.

If you’re not familiar, Love After Lockup is a reality show about the relationships of people who have recently been released from prison, and Lacey has found love with two criminals.

Photo by Lacey Whitlow

She is currently married to one of them and is expecting a child, but a few years ago she was working in the adult entertainment business, and this is where Javi would have noticed her.

OK, so Hollywood Life tweeted a story about Javi’s new Bible study routine, right?

And out of nowhere, Lacey commented with a little story to tell.

“Lmao, he’s always been a player!” she wrote. “He used to watch me LIVE on webcam and take a video chat himself while he was in a relationship.”

Javi on teen mom 2

“I’m not surprised,” she continued, “he’s just sorry his little mom put him on national television. He played himself out.”

She had some laughing emojis in there, so she clearly wasn’t too traumatized by the event, which is good.

Someone asked if she meant he actually sent her videos of his penis, and she apparently agreed, responding, “Girl, I’m telling you that was b4 I was on TV. J was just a chaturbate cam model. Lmao. “

Instead of dwelling on this new knowledge that there is a website on our own Internet called “Chaturbate”, let’s just get it going, okay?

Javi Marroquin, close-up

Lacey said she was sure he had done it to other women, and added that “he was trying to get me to meet him, such a creep.”

It’s believable, but then again, pretty much everything about Javi and her wandering penis is believable these days.

But he took a break with the Lord to deny it all.

On Instagram he wrote “I don’t even know who it is. Or even what it is.”

Javi at a party

“Look, I f-cked 100% and I’m going to be blamed for it, but these random people trying to gain weight aren’t cool,” he continued. “Don’t hit someone when they’re down. Don’t hurt more people for no reason. Not cool.”

He also said he looked at Lacey on Instagram “to find out what she looked like”, and that “I wouldn’t have entertained this in 2015 or whenever she claims it.”

Someone shared her post with Lacey on Twitter, and she argued that she didn’t need the influence, and if she had, she would have said something about it before participating in a reality show, which is a good point.

“You would be surprised how many ‘celebrities’ have hit cam girls,” she wrote. “Don’t put names, most don’t get caught and pay really great, but you know when you beg for free you’re already overwhelmed.”

Javi on wedding boot camp

We’re not quite sure what this means, but again, this isn’t all that hard to believe.

Another thing that’s damn believable?

All the girls from Javi’s hometown who said they played with him in his gym.

Look, if he’s shameless enough to cheat while his girlfriend is sleeping upstairs, what won’t he do?

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