Lime will leave town as Neuron goes off

Lime scooters will no longer be in Dunedin, for now.

The company announced today that it will be leaving town at the end of this month.

Meanwhile, electric scooter company Neuron Mobility is set to double its number of scooters in Dunedin.

Lime’s director of public affairs Lauren Mentjox said after “careful consideration and many factors” Lime made the difficult decision not to apply for a new license from Dunedin.

“Building a successful scooter-sharing program in Dunedin has been a difficult but rewarding process, and residents and visitors will continue to benefit from Lime’s work to change the way people move around the city.

“We are really proud to have brought micromobility to Dunedin and to serve so many local people as the city’s main scooter supplier.

“We also created local jobs, rented a warehouse and contributed directly to other businesses and services in the city.

The micromobility industry was constantly evolving and Lime could look to come back “when the time is right,” she said.

Green scooters first hit the streets of Dunedin in January 2019 and since then more than 90,000 users have made over 750,000 trips to Dunedin, replacing more than 175,000 car trips.

“We have enjoyed serving Dunedin and thank our cyclists, community stakeholders and Dunedin City Council for this opportunity,” said Ms. Mentjox.

But it looks like Lime’s departure doesn’t mean fewer electric scooters on the city streets.

Neuron Mobility, which launched in February this year, announced a significant expansion of its service to Dunedin, starting July 1.

He received a permit to double his fleet to 500.

CEO Zachary Wang said he is delighted Neuron has been chosen as the sole electric scooter operator in Dunedin.

“This new permit will allow us to invest more in Dunedin, in particular the creation of more than ten new jobs.

“We thank Dunedin City Council for their continued trust and support. “

He said the safety of its drivers and the community was taken seriously and that a few weeks ago the company launched New Zealand’s first liability insurance coverage for electric scooters.

“This set the standard for protecting runners and the public,” he said.

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