Lincoln Electric Scooter Pilot Program Update

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Lincoln electric scooters take you from point to point. More than 85,000 trips have been made in the past year as the city prepares to conclude its pilot program.

Every time someone steps on one of the scooters it continues to bring money to the city, and for the past year or so, during that trial period, Lincoln Transportation and Utilities said it cost nearly $ 12,000. LTU receives 15 cents per ride, and the two program providers, Bird and Spin, have paid license fees to put their scooters on the streets of Lincoln.

LTU said the demand was there. Even though cyclists cannot travel with scooters near the Capitol or on the UNL campus, LTU said many cyclists are college-aged students, people living south of the city center, or visitors. from the Haymarket area.

Currently, LTU is focused on raising public awareness of cyclist safety and operations during the final three months of the pilot program. At the end of December 31, 2021, LTU will publish a final report on scooters detailing the travel habits and behavior of cyclists.

“This is where we will develop recommendations based on the data we have received. We would then bring that to the city council, and it’s up to the city council to decide where we go with the scooters, ”said Roberto Partida, transport planner at LTU.

LTU told 10/11 that it had listened to community feedback since the start of the program and from that it had designated five specific parking areas for scooters in the area.

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