Link Scooter Ridership takes off in Hartford a month after deployment – NBC Connecticut

There is a new link through downtown Hartford – the Link scooters which launched a month ago. As Ridership skyrockets and really shows the demand for bike and scooter sharing programs in the area.

In a few seconds, Paul Pumales is not only connected to his Link scooter but quickly on his way to his next stop.

“Most of the time I take it for a quick snack, go to McDonald’s and come back here to the park, we eat it,” Pumales said.

Paul’s scooter is one of 150 Link scooters that have driven miles in their first month in the city of Hartford.

“What they told us is that since it opened April 22 through Friday, on average we’ve been getting more scooter rides than their other markets,” said Sandy Fry, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the city of Hartford.

Fry said the scooters were so successful that they simply spread beyond the city center to all of Hartford. One of the purposes of scooters is to help bus and train drivers get to and from the first and last mile of their journey.

“When they get to their bus stop, they might not be quite where they need to go and the bike really helps people get a little stretch,” Fry said.

Mayor Luke Bronin said the scooters are the result of the Capitol Region Council of Governments’s work to create a regional bike-sharing program, which he hopes will expand beyond the city limits. .

“We ended up throwing it here in Hartford, but we’d love to see it expand beyond. It’s always been meant to be a regional effort, we would like to see it turn into a regional effort, ”Bronin said.

Fry said that experimental programs such as the Short Lime Bikes in 2018 helped lay the groundwork for bike and scooter sharing in Capitol City and she hopes to see it take off even more.

“The people of Hartford are showing us that yes it belongs, it works for us, we will have to take care of the little issues that have arisen, but it seems to be an important part of our transport,” Fry said.

Fry said some of the scooter share speed bumps include some runners that don’t slow down for pedestrians on sidewalks. The city is now working with the company to also create designated parking spaces for scooters.

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