“My fiance and I started caming – people pay to watch us have sex”

My fiance James and I have been together for seven years. We are happily in love and I really feel like I have met my soul mate; we have grown up together, traveled the world and currently enjoy a somewhat unconventional lifestyle.

We have been living together in a motorhome since December 2016 and in the last few months while traveling in the US we have started “camer” together online. Many people might not be familiar with the term “camming”. This means James and I are enjoying having sex with each other on a webcam for viewers all over the world.

Despite our openness now, James and I both grew up in California.
in very traditional households where attitudes towards sex were old fashioned and where gender openness and expression were generally repressed. So when we first met I think we were so excited to be able to explore our sexuality together.

After a few years together, we decided in 2016 that we wanted to travel across the United States. We are open to everything and we didn’t want to be held back by living in one place. first-hand geography.

Of course, we were nervous and worried about living in a motorhome, but we went out of our way to prepare. James has read countless books on life in vehicles and we have purchased all of the essentials for life on the road, such as kitchen equipment, mobile and off-grid electricity, shower equipment and shower systems. storage.

Truth be told, not all days have been glamorous; we have survived scorching nights without a fan or air conditioning, spent nights in the desert with no phone signal and most of the time we just have company for each other. However, we would not like it to be any other way. This nomadic lifestyle has allowed us to focus on what is really important to us and our relationship is stronger than ever.

We were happily driving our van across America when we first discovered camming. We had watched a few models giving webcam performances and read articles detailing the industry and it certainly piqued our interest.

The ability to make money directly while performing intimate acts was unlike anything we had ever seen before, and after a while we decided we wanted to give it a try. James and I are both rock climbers, so we are very aware of the power of fear; we try to welcome it and find enthusiasm to venture outside our comfort zones. So we started, got hooked and never looked back.

Misty Snow and James Caldwell started filming two months ago. They have already won $ 5,000.
Foggy snow

Our camming routine usually starts a few hours before going live. I’m putting on makeup and James is setting up our webcam chat room on Chaturbate, an adult website where viewers can watch webcam performances. People can join our chat room and we have a tips menu that viewers can use as a pricing table for specific acts.

For example, if someone wants to see my feet, we charge 37 tokens that cost $ 1.85 in “real” money. More explicit acts are charged at a higher tip rate, and people will pay accordingly based on what they want to see. We have regulars in our chat room who
are really committed, some even moderate it for us so that we can continue to perform! Since we started filming full time about two months ago, we’ve made around $ 5,000 on camera alone, and our viewership is growing rapidly.

Even though we share our sex life with other people who might come to see one of us, we are rarely jealous. And if we ever feel a little jealousy, we take the time to talk about it and reassure ourselves. Communication is the key. However, the cam, like any job, can cause stress and cause disagreements. We experience friction like any other couple who work together. What’s important for us is to approach emotional fluctuations with curiosity and try to stay open-minded.

The fact that we are together also makes a big difference; we are a partnership and everything we do is discussed and agreed upon. If we’ve had a fight, our strategy is to take the day off and cuddle. We both enjoy this lifestyle, so when our mood is bad, it’s usually our body that tells us to take a break. I am now 26 and James is 32, and if anything the camera has helped us to understand each other better and what we both love, to discover new elements of our sexuality, like the submissive game / dominant, which we can enjoy together.

We are aware that people may not like us or our choice of cam, but it often feels like their attitudes are shaped by inappropriate stereotypes about adult performers. However, we understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. We accept those who do not approve of what we do as part of the beauty of diversity; we find it important to remember that without different perspectives our learning and growth would stagnate.

Our plans for the future are vague and open to change, but that’s what makes great adventures. We got engaged in August 2020, but a marriage seems a bit far-fetched during a global pandemic. So our current plan is to learn as much as possible as we stabilize our lifestyle, settle in and continue to grow.

We agree on one thing; we won’t be stopping camer anytime soon.

Misty Snow and James Caldwell are an engaged couple from the United States who have met professionally online. Using Chaturbate, the couple perform webcam sex acts for viewers around the world while living in a camper van while traveling in the United States.

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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