Pervert caught with abuse footage jailed

A PEDOPHILE caught with nearly 100 images of sick child abuse and 10 different Facebook accounts has been caged for two years after previously escaping prison.

A sheriff called repeat offender Graham Scobie “unmanageable” when he was released from custody last week, before returning him to Bowhouse Prison for possession of more images of child abuse in violation of its strict court order imposed to protect the public.

One of the five images showed a seven-year-old boy raped by an adult man, while the others contained boys between the ages of seven and twelve.

Scobie also failed to inform police that he had a Skype profile – on behalf of Joe Bloggs – and was also a member of a website called Chaturbate.

The former Dickson Drive resident, last residing in Church Street, Kilwinning was spared jail and placed on a Sexual Offenses Prevention Order (SOPO) in February last year, after being caught with 90 sick images and horrific films of abused children.

Mr Ferguson, prosecuting, explained: “This website features live webcam performances by individual webcam models, showing striptease and dirty talk to masturbation, and can often be very self-explanatory.”

The Times reported last year how Scobie posed a risk to children by putting himself in situations where he could come into contact with them, spending his days watching pornography and engaging in sexual acts.

At the time, Assistant Finance Attorney Kirsty Urquhart said: “He admitted to viewing and sharing material for some time. He admitted to having deviant sexual interests, particularly an interest in young teens.

“He has access to the victims. He goes out almost every day and makes his way to Glasgow from Irvine when he spends his days walking through parks, especially Kelvingrove Park, and visiting museums.

“He repeatedly puts himself in situations where he could come into contact with children.

“His laptop has been examined by the police and there is evidence that he accessed porn on a daily basis, especially from barely legal men and young men.

“He has 10 separate Facebook accounts with different profile photos and names.

“His friends on each of them are all male. Some are young adult males who look very young. “He confirmed to officers that he had had a sexual conversation with some of these friends. ”

When he was driven to the dock in a bright red sweater last week [Monday, March 23], his defense attorney said: “Mr. Scobie admits he was wrong in his conduct – although the [social work] report does not agree with that

She added: “He is vulnerable and needs help in many areas of his life.”

His lawyer urged the sheriff to give credit early in his guilty plea, but added: “I can’t say anything more.”

Sheriff Shirley Foran told the “unmanageable” pedophile that there was “no value in considering community elimination,” adding “you have received orders – no community elimination is available anymore.”

She caged Scobie for 26 months and put him on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

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