Powell man recovers from paralysis after motorcycle crash

Last month, a motorcycle accident left a man in Powell, Wyoming, paralyzed and alone for 17 hours.

His doctor and one of his therapists say he is making progress in Billings and could make a full recovery.

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Brad Meredith, 65, is recovering at Montana Rehab Hospital.

“So you only have three hours a day,” Meredith said. “And then you have to recuperate for the rest. So it doesn’t look like you’re getting much therapy but that’s about what it takes to recuperate.”

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Brad Meredith, patient at the rehabilitation center.

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Physiotherapist Brittnee Grimstad helped Meredith with a car exercise.

“You have to get up,” she said. “You have to turn. You are close. You have to step in. So, so that someone can just get into a car and be able to get in and out with one person helping, that’s great. Then they’ve got it. access to the whole community. “

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Brittnee Grimstad, physiotherapist at the rehabilitation center.

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Meredith will return to Powell on Saturday and continue some of the rehab. But how close is it to 100% recovered?

“Probably, realistically, only about 30%,” Meredith said. “My normal activity level is quite high. So I would dare say it would take a little while to get back to where I was doing.”

Meredith was not found for 17 hours after a motorcycle crash near her home in Powell on March 21.

“Before I knew it, I was on the pitch,” Meredith said. “And I didn’t feel a thing because my arms and legs weren’t doing what I told them to do. I knew there was a neck injury. I just knew that I had spoken to my wife and she knew roughly where I was at. I was cold that night, but didn’t realize it because I couldn’t feel my lower limbs. “

Before arriving at the rehabilitation hospital on March 27, he underwent surgery at St. Vincent Health Care.

“I did a cervical fusion decompression and fusion,” said Dr. Louis Ross, neurosurgeon at St. Vincent. “And he had a really bad neck stenosis. So tight around the spinal cord.”

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Dr. Louis Ross, St. Vincent neurosurgeon.

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Ross talked about rehab,

“There is a window of opportunity to really maximize your earnings,” Ross said. “And the quicker you engage, the sooner and more intensive you are with that engagement, the better the results. Based on how he’s done so far in such a short time, whether he’s recovered at 100%, I won’t be surprised. “

“Brad’s mental toughness is definitely what drives him through,” Grimstad said.

Meredith added, “So if I can get up and walk away from that and go on and continue the quality of life, I think she’s a pretty, lucky enough.”

Therapists say Meredith’s regular exercise helped her rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana is a partnership with Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare.

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