Pune girls travel to LoC to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Kashmiri brothers and soldiers

Raksha Bandhan is a special festival celebrated in most parts of India, but the UT of Jammu and Kashmir has hardly experienced such a celebration. However, unlike in previous years, Raksha Bandhan was celebrated this year for the first time in J&K, when some young girls from Pune decided to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival with their Kashmiri brothers. The celebrations were carried out with zeal and vigor in the fascinating villages of Machhal, Pushwari, Katwar and Dabpal from August 19 to 22, 2021. The event was coordinated by the Indian army in the Machhal valley.

Pune girls go to LoC to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

The celebration became a great success thanks to the initiative of a few young girls who volunteered to come forward for such a heartwarming event. Miss Gauri Hemant Kinikar with her mother Mrs. Sadhana Kinikar, her sister Miss Shatakshi Kinikar and her colleagues from Law College, Pune, Miss Shivani Joshi and Miss Saie Nandukar attended this event. They celebrated the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan with their Kashmiri brethren.

The decision of Ms. Gauri Kinikar and her colleagues to come to a remote area for such a gentle cause was not an easy one. Highly motivated advocacy aspirants, these young women have worked day and night to raise money through fundraising and have launched online campaigns for this cause.

Large numbers of people from Maharashtra and across India volunteered and contributed to their campaign. It was heartwarming to know that the campaign was oversubscribed and that a large number of people across India contributed to it.

The celebrations took place in the village of Machhal, where prominent civilian dignitaries, army officers, local chiefs and villagers were present. The event culminated with the Raksha Bandhan celebrations at the Machhal garrison on August 22, which were conducted on a large scale, where large numbers of local youth as well as military personnel participated in the event. Much of the local youth, as well as army personnel, were seen with wet eyes during the celebrations.

Asked about the source of their motivation for such an event, Ms Khinikar said with pride that she believed her brothers in Kashmir needed to know more about the country and that she wanted to make them feel that they were part of it. of this great nation. Ms. Shatakshi said that she was so happy to see the kind of curiosity depicted by the young girls of the Machhal Valley towards progression and self-awareness.

Mrs. Sadhana was full of tears seeing her daughters attaching the Rakhi to the Kashmiri brothers as well as to military personnel. “I am so proud to be the mother of them who imagined such an initiative and the daring they showed in organizing this event,” she replied. Events like these will work as a catalyst to further bridge the gap between the Kashmiris and the rest of India after the repeal.

“I miss my sister and the celebrations we have at home, but I am happy and joyful to see our young sisters who have come all the way from Pune to tie the Rakhi and it reminds me of my sister who tied the Rakhi. ” said one of the soldiers, who was in tears as he was overcome with emotions.

The villagers of Machhal, Pushwari, Katwar and Dabpal were full of awe and curiosity to see such activity in the Machhal valley. They showed all their enthusiasm to participate in this event. It is for the first time that a group of girls has come to tie Rakhi for the Cachemiri brothers.

“It is a moving moment, we are so happy to see our sisters coming from Pune to our villages to tie the Rakhi on this auspicious day. We are so delighted and our emotions are overwhelming because it is for the first time that ‘ such a noble gesture is shown to us in our village, we are so proud to be part of this great nation ”, said the village of Sarpanch of Machhal.

The villages then invited the girls to their homes for a cup of tea and meaningful interaction. The young girls from the village of Machhal also stepped forward to lend a hand by performing the gentle gesture of tying Rakhi. Young village girls also interacted with visitors to Pune.

The event is of particular significance, especially on the eve of the two-year completion of the repeal of Section 370. Many think tanks, especially our opponents, predicted a different outcome of the repeal decision. article 370. However, the situation turned out to be otherwise.

Kashmir is currently at a crossroads, where the most convenient and reasonable path for Kashmiris would be to embrace this nation to be their own. The repeal of Section 370 has proven to be a revolutionary step in bringing Kashmiris closer to mainstream India.

A perfect example was the recent active participation of the local population in the Independence Day celebrations and the more recent Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Each Rakhi attached to the wrists of these brothers amplifies the love and bond between Indians across the states.

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