Safety reminder for motorcyclists before Memorial Day weekend

SANBORN, NY (WKBW) – According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, motorcycle registrations increased steadily between 2010 and 2015, before leveling off at over 8.5 million in 2019.

Motorcycle fatalities accounted for 14 percent of all motor vehicle crashes that same year.

“Every time you get on this motorcycle you have to realize that on two wheels you are more vulnerable, you are less stable and we are also less visible,” said Sue Slate, who has been a motorcycle safety coach for almost 30 years. years. .

She teaches riders at Motorcycle Safety School essential lifesaving skills like braking, cornering and staying visible to other drivers – whether wearing shiny or reflective clothing.

“The visibility really keeps us alive,” she said.

Staying visible, reducing speed, and training enough are just a few of the things cyclists can do to stay safe.

Last year, state police investigated more than 82 accidents involving motorcycles.

“The three common things we see with motorcycle crashes: dangerous speed, dangerous lane change, driver inexperience,” said Private James O’Callaghan, NYS public information officer.

Slate said she wants to make sure all of her students know all of the skills they need to stay safe on the road.

She said she was a self-taught driver and didn’t know there were strategies for riding a motorcycle.

“When I first took this course in 1986, I really felt like I should be dead. I was doing so many wrong things as a self-taught rider,” she said.

Slate teaches a basic rider’s course.

“Which involves people who have been using their license for a while and who have realized that it would be much better to take formal training,” she said.

Slate adds that this shouldn’t be the only course you take, she herself takes at least two advanced rider training courses per year.

She said that continuous practice helps you maintain these skills.

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