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Vernon’s new electric scooters could slip into winter.

No exact stop date has yet been set for the city’s popular orange commuters.

“We plan to continue as far as possible through the winter,” said Transportation Manager Amanda Watson.

Electric scooters (or micromobility rider) have proven to be extremely popular with high traffic. In the first week after the Neuron scooters launched on July 28, approximately 800 daily trips were made and users rode 18,932 kilometers.

“The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive,” Watson said.

Seeing the scooters parked in various areas, the county leaves the county. Kari Gares believe they are helping people with their transportation.

“The fact that you see them all over town and not just downtown is the success there,” Gares said.

But the majority of those who drive scooters do not ride them properly.

“There are a lot of them driving after midnight and a lot of them are under 18 and a lot of them are also overtaking,” Coun. Akbal Mund said.

He also sees very few helmets and suggests wearing a cap under the helmets if hygiene is an issue, or is at risk of losing the scooters.

“This is a pilot project, they could go away,” Mund said.

Helmets are sanitized daily and Watson reports that 34 percent of trips the helmet is unlocked and used.

Anyone who notices improper use of a scooter can also report it, as each scooter has a large number displayed on the back.

“You can use the Neuron app to report the user’s time and number. They will follow any improper conduct. They can warn them, they can fine them and they can kick them out of the app, ”Watson said.

Users parked inappropriately may also be charged extra.

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