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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 22: Tyler Allgeier # 25 of the Brigham Young Cougars runs with the ball against the Central Florida Knights at FAU Stadium on December 22, 2020 in Boca Raton, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown / Getty Images)

BYU Football has enough football suits to last nearly three full seasons.

With BYU Football adding two new helmet designs in the last offseason, uniform suits have gone from a handful of options to an almost endless supply, especially if face masks are added to the mix.

Granted, this article is in part in response to the announcement of the new Utah uniform they will wear against Oregon to honor the USS Utah which fought in WWII. I never thought I would say that, but these uniforms are really impressive and I would like them to wear them on September 11 for the 20th anniversary.

While some of these uniform suits may not have an emotional connection or reason, there are many games that serve a specific purpose. Unless stated otherwise, the face mask does not matter whether it is white, chrome, royal or navy.

Week 1 Arizona – Royal Helmet, Royal Jersey, White Pants

This combination is already confirmed by BYU as the first combination of the season. The suit will be really crisp for viewers in the indoor stadium. While at first I was hoping the Cougars would keep the new helmets for Utah or Arizona State, two more important games, I’m happy they are used in week one, so it won’t be a distraction. later in the season.

Week 2 Utah – Patriotic Y White Helmet, White Jersey, Royal Pants

What? White at home? In 1972, BYU Football won its first game against Utah in five years. With so many changes in college football, this suit would be a nice tribute to the 1972 squad. The Patriotic Y helmet would be in honor of September 11th and would add that the jerseys would be pretty with the Utah reds to create a red, white and blue look on the ground.

Arizona State Week 3 – White Helmet, Royal Jersey, White Pants

BYU and Arizona State are relatively close, but the last time these two teams met was in 1998, when the Cougars beat the Sun Devils 26-6. In this game, the Cougars wore the very beautiful blue and black trim. While black is not an option, the same suit could be worn, again a tribute to the 1998 season, the year many consider Lavell’s last great team.

Week 4 South Florida – Navy Helmet, Navy Jersey, Navy Pants

BYU and South Florida don’t have a whole lot of history, so this game doesn’t have a particular inspired swimsuit suit, which makes it a great week to release the new Navy helmet, and like the Utah State is next week, the navy would not be good that week.

Week 5 Utah State – White helmet, royal jersey, white pants

There aren’t many better looks than BYU white helmets and Utah State Navy helmets on a Friday night. This rivalry has a long history, but with the recent dominance of BYU (winning 28 of the last 35), the Cougars should simply adopt a clean look in a traditional jersey.

Week 6 Boise State – Navy Helmet, Navy Jersey, White Helmet

In this young rivalry that is starting to get extremely competitive, that would be another great game to bring out the new helmets. I’m not a fan of two teams wearing the same (or close) color in their helmets, so Boise State should wear their white or orange helmets.

Baylor Week 7 – Royal Helmet, White Jersey, Royal Pants

Baylor appears to be the “road game” that BYU fans will be heading to as they did in Houston in 2020, Tennessee in 2019, and Arizona in 2018. Fans would love to see the new headset in this game, and that would look really good in BYU’s play (possible try / statement) against the Big 12.

Week 8 Washington State – Navy Helmet, White Jersey, White Pants (Navy Trim)

BYU Football will travel to Pullman, Washington for only the second time, again a surprise given their history and relative proximity. Since this is a road game, it will likely be another white jersey week and I can’t think of a better contrast to the Washington state crimson than the navy blue.

Week 9 Virginia – White helmet, navy jersey, white pants

While Bronco Mendenhall brought back royal jerseys during his tenure, thinking of BYU Football in the Bronco days, the white helmet, navy jersey, and white pants come to mind. It’s the “Bronco” look and would be a nice tribute to him and the coaching staff who led the Cougars to independence.

Week 10 Idaho State – Royal Helmet, Royal Jersey, Royal Pants

Considering that this is the FCS game that is expected to be finished at half time, making a fun uniform suit would be something that players and fans would get excited about for this game.

Georgia Southern Week 11 – Navy Helmet, White Jersey, Navy Pants

This suit could really be anything, but it’s a suit that would look really good on Georgia Sothern’s field as long as the Golden Eagles aren’t also wearing Navy helmets.

Week 12 USC – White helmet, white jersey, navy pants

While the classic white, white, white look would be nice here, I can’t help but think that the classic look would be perfect for this game. The last and only time BYU took down the Trojans, the Cougars had a very classic look, and given that USC are one of the most classic teams in the country, this suit would look great on TV and be very traditional.

What combinations do you hope to see the Cougars unveil this year? Let us know in the comments!

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