This is the lie that most affects your personal finances

Things are not always going to be strong, and difficult decisions will have to be made; In both bad and good times, the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself.

Throughout life, the financial aspect can take many turns

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However, this is something that not everyone puts into practice, especially when it comes to managing their finances. Say that you will start saving but within a few days try to buy something out of budget; leave a credit card, but use the other; withdraw money to buy one thing and end up acquiring triple, and many other “tricks” that we do to try to deceive ourselves.

One of the best known has to do with borrowing money to do something that in the end will not do

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This is the case of the free investment loans that are supposedly requested to pay a debt, but once you have the money in hand and the temptation began, decide to use it to buy something that is missing at home or even for some business idea that It turns in the head. As much as this may seem insignificant, if you do not learn to control yourself and keep your financial word, you may end up in serious trouble.

Lack of honesty with yourself directly affects your finances, as it does not allow you to make real decisions.

So how to fight it? Make a plan, start with small actions and fulfill them

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Whether saving a few pesos or stop buying something, the important thing is that you carry them out, and so you can get used to bigger challenges.

The sooner you begin to be honest about your financial needs and challenges, the better results you will get.

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