Twitch sued for $ 25 million by man for “overly suggestive and sexualized content”

This isn’t necessarily news to anyone who has visited the Amazon-owned streaming service known as Twitch. Twitch is very popular with the streaming scene and hosts all kinds of content; from music to esports, former pro players exploring new titles to travel by vlogging. Still, there is one aspect, a shady side to Twitch, which is equally well known but rarely discussed.

Streaming women in various stages of undressing who tend to showcase their breasts and other assets while walking a razor-thin line between raw sexualized content and existence in front of a camera. It’s like a blunt version of Chaturbate, where women just never completely undress; if they do, they get a suspension from the streaming service.

A man from California is now suing Twitch because they apparently marry, or at least provide a platform for, arguably sexually charged streamers.

Offering a 56-page lawsuit in the complaint where the individual has multiple screenshots and mentions of Alinity, Pokimane, STPeach and dozens of other popular streamers in various states of undress.

Erik Estavillo has sued other companies in what appears to be a bizarre get-rich-quick scheme before: he has filed lawsuits against Nintendo, Blizzard, Sony and even Microsoft in the past, all of which have been dismissed in court. Now it looks like he’s targeting Twitch in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, in addition to the requested $ 25 million, demands that all streamers listed by the plaintiff immediately receive a permanent ban from the platform.

Interestingly, he’s trying to subpoena Winona Ryder and Martin Lee Gore (from Depeche Mode) to help shore up his case.

It is relatively easy to close this case; this is not the first venture that Estavillo considers to get rich easily, and this case will probably be dismissed like the others; quickly and with little interest.

But the is a note of questionable interest lying somewhere in this loaded fun trial; Twitch has more than a few streamers who aren’t fully dressed and frequently talk about sexually charged interests. These streamers have been invited to play several times in Twitch Rivals tournaments, such as the recent valiant one, which seems to show solidarity for their flows.

No one is necessarily implying that Twitch should be rated E for everyone, but there are some very sexually charged streamers who, frankly, make the majority of the money because of their attractiveness. However, whether or not this has a future within the Twitch platform is unlikely to be resolved by bizarre lawsuits, and it is a blow to any attempt to bring this difficult conversation to the future.

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