Yamaha updates its urban mobility scooter lineup for 2022

TO navigate urban sprawl, few can object to the simplicity, economy and convenience of a twist-and-go machine. The stepper segment has also seen tremendous market growth over the past 12-18 months, something Yamaha is grating with new colors up and down the lineup.

From the retro styling of the sporty and aggressive XMAX 300 Tech MAX to the funky three-wheeled Tricity 300, each offers a new color palette for urban bikers.

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Yamaha XMAX 300 and XMAX 125

Inspired by the phenomenally successful TMAX, the XMAX 300 and 125 are now available for 2022 in a new Icon Blue color scheme, matching that of Yamaha’s top performing motorcycles.

XMAX 300 Tech MAX and XMAX 125 Tech MAX

For those looking for a higher specification machine among the already well-equipped XMAX models, Tech MAX versions of each offer a special double seat, leather vanity panels, aluminum footrests and special cockpit finishes. The 300 and 125 Tech MAX models are now available in a new Dark Petrol color, in addition to the existing Power Gray.

Yamaha NMAX 125

The NMAX 125 saw some pretty significant updates at the start of 2021, which has carved out a place for itself among the best-equipped and popular 125cc scooters on the market. The redesigned fairing is not only updated aesthetically, it also works hard to clear a comfortable area of ​​still air for the rider to sit in.

On top of that, an updated 125cc BlueCore engine sits at the heart of the bike, with revised variable valve actuation, start-stop technology and traction control.

For the coming year, the new NMAX 125 will be available in an eye-catching milky white color scheme, in addition to the already available Phantom Blue and Power Gray options.

Yamaha Tricity 300

Taking its lineups off the radical Niken sport touring motorcycle, the Tricity 300 takes the hunched multi-wheel concept and throws it into town. With nimble handling, otherworldly wet and dry grip levels and a standing assist system, the funky three-wheeler just might be the perfect urban companion.

Two new colors adorn the Tricity 300 range for 2022, petroleum blue and sand gray joining the existing bronze gray color.

Yamaha D’elight 125

Taking the form of a retro-styled lightweight scooter, the easy-going D’elight 125 just arrived on the scene at the start of the driving season. And with the bike doubling its sales volume in that time alone, Yamaha made the decision to leave the model as is for the 2022 model year.

Availability of Yamaha Urban Mobility Models 2022

  • XMAX 300 and 125 (including Tech MAX) – November 2021
  • Tricity 300 – January 2022
  • NMAX 125 – April 2022
  • D’elight – already in concession

For more information on the full range of Yamaha motorcycles, visit: www.yamaha-motor.eu

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